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Archive for November 2014

Workers are Given Importance with the Wage Act

Workers are the very foundation of any business. Products and services cannot be delivered without the workforce, and thus, they have the right to be given fair wages. Wage theft is no longer an option for employers who want to lower the cost of labor and let the workers suffer. For so long, Colorado workers…

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Should Workers’ Compensation For Public Workers Be Expanded?

Colorado Workers Compensation for First responders

The Workers’ Compensation Act of Colorado has clearly included public workers as one of those entitled for compensation benefits. This is the same with other States, and includes policemen, fire fighters, and other first-responders. These workers are covered for any ailments or disease that may develop due to the performance of their work. Should Workers’…

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OSHA And The Lessons Workers Should Learn From A Superhero Movie

With the Amazing Spiderman 2 featuring a man who turns into a superhuman, it would not be surprising if people’s idea of workplace accidents becomes far from the truth. After all, if Hollywood is to be believed, nothing is more convenient as a source of superpower than a lucky workplace mishap. Yet accidents happen every…

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Colorado Disability Lawyer Explains Disfigurement Benefits: How Much Is An Individual Entitled To?

In Colorado, disability laws allow for injured individuals with a scar or disfigurement to receive disability benefits depending on the extent of the disfigurement and where it is located. Watch as Denver disability lawyer Michael Kaplan explains how benefits are awarded to disfigured individuals in Colorado. Learn more about Colorado disability law, and the benefits…

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