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Archive for September 2015

Long Term Compensation and its Relationship to Workers’ Compensation

Let’s say you have a workers’ compensation claim in Colorado and your Denver workers’ compensation attorney has worked with you to get you as much help as possible. You’ve gone through the process of healing and your workers’ compensation doctor has placed you at maximum medical improvement after the injury. Your Denver workers’ compensation lawyer…

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Changes in Code: The ICD-10 Transition and Its Effect on the Patient


A big day is coming for Healthcare Billers in our country. While Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys are there for their clients to provide guidance and smooth the transition during difficult times, so much depends on doctors and billing offices submitting their billing requests in a uniform manner. Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers will…

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Relief for Children of Injured Workers: The Pinnacol Foundation

  Workplace injury affects all aspects of a person’s life. Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys certainly know how invasive workplace injury can be. Happy families are put through the wringer by a system that consistently favors large companies for their job-creating potential and workers are often caught in a very difficult situation trying…

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