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Make No Mistake, The Workers’ Compensation Insurance Carrier is not on your side

The following is a true example of dealing with a workers’ compensation insurance adjuster: FACTS: An 18-year-old young adult working to pay for college suffers a moderate to severe spinal injury, causing her to be physically impaired and unable to work. Her father, an attorney experienced in defending WC insurance carriers, takes responsibility for communicating…

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Temporary Disability Benefits: What You Need To Know

Performing work in any environment can include exposure to risks, workplace accidents, and occupational diseases. Every worker in Colorado would surely agree that the loss of pay resulting from these unforeseen circumstances will likely bring a series of financial challenges. Luckily, the state of Colorado has several laws in place to protect workers in case of an accident…

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Colorado Injured Workers Pharmacy Explained

Colorado Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Kaplan And Morrell explain how the Injured Workers Pharmacy works and processes prescriptions for injured workers in Colorado. Find out how the IWP helps injured and disabled workers get their medications without having to worry about being denied coverage for medications needed for work related injuries. If you’ve been injured at…

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Denver Workers’ Compensation Case Review: Duty to Report Injuries

Reporting Injuries At Work Is Important

Duty to Report Work Injuries only triggered when compensation and benefits are “payable.” Colorado Law requires employers and their insurers to notify the Division of Workers’ Compensation of injuries “for which compensation and benefits are payable.”  CRS §8-43-103(1). Mr. Flores claimed he injured his back on September 24, 2012 when he and other co-workers moved…

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Workers’ Compensation Case Review: Social Security Disability Checks can limit Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Limits on workers’ compensation benefits take many forms.  One of them is a limit on how much wage loss benefits injured workers receive.  As of 2013, the most an injured worker can receive is $80,868.10 unless his or her impairment rating is 26% or higher.  This is called a statutory cap. Unfortunately if that injured worker also…

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