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How to Talk About Prior Injuries and "Problems" After You've Been Injured at Work

One trap for unaware injured workers is when doctors, adjusters, or lawyers ask about prior injuries or prior medical history. Prior Injuries – Often, we see well-meaning and honest clients deny having prior medical “problems” only to find medical records documenting pain complaints before the work injury. We help guide clients to understand how to…

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Independent Medical Examination

Independent Medical Examination – Know Your Rights! Why Would the Insurance Company Require an Independent Medical Evaluation (RIME)? The insurance company from time to time can require that you attend an independent medical evaluation for the following reasons: (a) If you have a work injury (b) If you are treating and receiving medical care and…

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Doctor for your work injury

Today’s blog addresses something that we see happen a lot with clients, which is that you are choosing the wrong doctor for your work injury. Choosing a Doctor for your Work Injury – Designated Physician List in Colorado If you are injured on the job in Colorado, you give your employer notice of your on-the-job…

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Beneficios de Desempleo

Beneficios de Desempleo y Lesión Laboral en Colorado: Muchos clientes quieren saber sobre nosotros, sobre el Bufete Jurídico  Kaplan Morell, lo que hacemos y nuestra experiencia. Bueno, yo soy Britton Morrell un abogado con cerca de 25 años ayudando gente aquí en Colorado que tiene o ha tenido lesiones en el trabajo. Tratamos a orientar…

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