eb6s4l-arrow-rounded-right-orange-64px_4jfed1amao50t7nk  Have You Been Denied Social Security?

Don’t give up! You can file an appeal.  Two out of three people who apply for Social Security Disability are denied at the initial stage.  Do not re-apply but instead appeal your case right away and call us for a free consultation.

eb6s4l-arrow-rounded-right-orange-64px_4jfed1amao50t7nk Get The Payments You Deserve!

We never charge clients legal fees unless we win the case – and even then our fee is limited to 25% of your past-due benefits up to a maximum amount set by the Social Security Administration.

eb6s4l-arrow-rounded-right-orange-64px_4jfed1amao50t7nk How We Can Help You

We help you and your claim move through the Social Security disability application process maze.  We help you avoid mistakes applicants without attorneys can make and focus on getting your case approved.




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Kaplan Morrell has a fifteen-year history of helping injured and disabled workers obtain the rights and benefits they are due under the workers compensation, social security disability, and employment laws of Colorado and the United States.