Going To The Doctor After A Work Injury?  – When you see a doctor for the first time it’s the most important visit you can get because so much gets determined there. What is said and not said at that visit can affect an entire claim.

Going To The Doctor After A Work Injury?

Be specific

If you’re not specific about exactly what you hurt at work that day, it can drop the entire claim. For example, if you hurt your back and your knee, but you fail to report that you hurt your back and only state you hurt your knee, the carrier will deny the back claim.

In some cases, you even have to be specific about how you complain of pain, for example, if there is pain inside the knee or outside the knee.

Don’t be vague, for example, if your back hurts don’t say that it hurts all over, be specific, say you have a cute pain in your low back, or say you have numbness and tingling going down your legs, etc. Saying you have whole body pain won’t get you good treatment, because the doctors won’t know what to treat.

Make sure it’s in writing

It’s very important to make sure you list every part of your body that is hurting, even if one doesn’t hurt as much as other one, you need to do that every visit, but you also need to make sure that the doctor is writing it down, it can be on a list or a pain diagram.

A pain diagram is a piece of paper that has a person figure on it, and it requires you to mark the places that you hurt, and that’s a great way to show your doctor where you hurt yourself.

You should also ask to see in writing that it stated you were at work when you felt pain, for example, you were lifting at work and felt pain, that way there’s something in the history that says that it happened at work because if there isn’t, or even worse if you say it happened at home, your case is going to be denied.

Don’t guess

You should always be honest and truthful about exactly what happened at work, how you injured yourself and what body parts you injured, but don’t try to guess things you don’t know.

For example, if you don’t know the weight of what you were lifting, don’t say you think it was 80 pounds, just say it was heavy and it weighed a lot, because if it turns out to be incorrect and it was 30 pounds there would be an unnecessary fight in court over something that was just guessed.

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