Helicopter Industry Launches Global Work Injury Safety Campaign

Oct 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

A Safety Measure to Prevent Aviation Disasters

Since 2004, there are about 1,600 helicopter crashes that resulted to 260 fatalities in the US alone. The data was revealed by Christopher Hart, vice chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board. Globally, more than two serious helicopter accidents occur every week, with one-third resulting to fatalities, reported the Wall Street Journal.

The number is alarming, the reason why manufacturers and operators or helicopters recently launched a safety drive called “Land and Live” to combat high accident rates. “Land and Live” involves urging pilots to make more precautionary landings, since most of the fatal crashes were caused by pilot errors. Among these lapses include running out of fuel, stumbling into hazardous weather conditions, or ignoring indications of maintenance problems.

With this campaign, a major cultural change is happening, said Helicopter Association International President Matt Zuccaro. He predicted that the campaign could reduce helicopter accidents by huge numbers.

If you are a helicopter pilot or belong to the crew of the helicopter, and you were involved in an accident involving the helicopter, there is a big chance that you would be facing lawsuits. Accidents involving helicopters can be complicated. It involves a lot of investigations. And although it is not always the case, when something goes wrong, the pilot or his crew, are subjected to a lot of troubles.

Litigation involving airplane and helicopter accidents usually involve numerous parties and can be very complex. Therefore, it is critical that immediately upon the accident, you consult an experienced aviation lawyer to assist you in case of court action. An experienced aviation attorney knows what are needed in terms of legal and technical know-how and therefore, he or she can provide the best possible representation for the worker involved. There are work benefits that you are entitled to if you cannot work because of the accident-related injuries that are not your fault.

As a leading Denver Workers’ Compensation Attorneys, Kaplan Morrell has helped thousands of workers involved in various accidents, including those involved in aviation disasters. The aviation crew are not always to be blamed in disasters involving airplanes and helicopters. Aviation disasters need experienced attorneys to handle their cases. Workers need representation during the investigation. Your lawyer should be dedicated in serving your cause since accidents involving helicopters and airplanes can take a long while. Many factors can cause aviation accidents, not only due to negligence of pilots, but also negligence of airlines, aircraft manufacturers, faulty equipment, and many others. As such, lawyers with the experience and knowledge in accident litigation involving workers are what you need.

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