While all industries have its own risks, there are those that are riskier, and the construction industry is one of them. Being involved in an injury or fatality in Colorado is never easy, but having workers’ compensation in place can help you protect yourself and your families should things unimaginable happen.

Recent reports on increase in workers’ compensation construction injuries and fatalities in Colorado

Increased demands for construction jobs, lack of experience and unfamiliarity of new workers to the workplace, and irregularities in safety measures – these are just few reasons why construction fatalities spike up.

According to the annual Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries (COFOI), there is a noticeable increase in the workplace fatalities in the last two years, mostly are construction-related. In 2012, there were 806 construction workers who died on the job – a 9% increase from 2011’s total of 738 fatalities. This increase has alarmed the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) and makes them more vigilant to protecting the welfare of the workers. OSHA has been launching investigations across the country because of this report.

In the construction industry, skilled workers are vital to get a construction job done. During the recession, most of the skilled workers had retired or shifted to other jobs, thus paving the way to inexperienced workers entering the construction industry. New workers with lack of experience could contribute to the increase in construction fatalities. It is reasonable to say that as construction jobs grow, construction-related injuries and fatalities will also climb.

Keeping yourself protected in the workplace

Safety in the workplace has always been a campaign all throughout US industries. In the construction industry, it is very important to have a safety plan that is coordinated to everyone in the workplace.

While it’s true that safety measures should be well-implemented by the contractors, workers also have a great role in maintaining safety in the workplace. It’s either a chance or a choice. That is – a worker may take a chance of doing his job without giving importance to safety rules, or he may have the choice to strictly follow and be safe at all times.

Workers have the right to work in a hazard-free environment but unfortunately this is not always possible. That is why there are options available for families whose loved ones are injured or have died while on the job.

The Colorado Workers’ Compensation is designed to protect workers and help families cope with financial hardships caused by an injury or fatality. Its benefits include medical treatment and lost wage benefits, monetary benefit for partial or total disability, and death benefits.

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