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Injured Workers Pharmacy

IWP, or Injured Workers’ Pharmacy, is a unique enterprise offering convenience and availability to physicians, applicants’ attorneys, and to injured workers that is designed to improve the quality and delivery of care. IWP assists the workers and those members of their team who are focused on their health and recovery by providing prescriptions and medical equipment to the injured worker on a next-day delivery basis. There is no additional cost for the service, which is paid for by the workers’ compensation carrier. The company has licensed pharmacists on hand for consultation and will handle all the paperwork and claim forms. Medications and medical equipment that have been approved are shipped directly to the injured employee. There is no need to visit a pharmacy or to have someone wait in line, argue over payment or insurance, or continually call to see if the medication is available for pickup.

Enrollment & Medical Equipment in IWC in Colorado

IWP and Pain Management in Colorado

Visit the Injured Workers Pharmacy Website for more information and to apply.

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