IWP Enrollment

The physician or the injured worker can apply for IWP’s services. The prescription can be faxed to the company or sent by mail. After verifying and completing enrollment, IWP will verify the claim with the workers’ compensation insurer, and will work with all parties if there is a verification problem.

The workers’ compensation carrier is billed directly without the need for the physician to complete or submit any forms.

Medical Equipment

IWP also provides durable medical equipment (DME) for the injured worker’s rehabilitation or convenience. These include canes, walkers, wheelchairs, bathroom aids and devices, and any other equipment to assist the injured party with any daily living activities.

IWP and Pain Management in Colorado

Visit the Injured Workers Pharmacy Website for more information and to apply.

Watch as Denver Disability & Workers Compensation Lawyers Mike Kaplan and Britton Morrell explain more about the IWP and how it works to help injured workers get the medication they need.