IWP Pain Management and Pharmacy Compounding

IWP will also provide TENS units, muscle stimulators and other devices. But it also offers a unique and innovative way to provide individualized treatment that more effectively manages the patient’s pain. Through pharmacy compounding, IWP’s pharmacists are able to prepare medications with the dosage, strength and delivery system custom tailored to the individual patient, rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. This method can eliminate multiple medications and more effectively treat pain at its source as well as deliver stronger and longer relief.

For example, in some cases IWP pharmacists can combine several medications into a single transdermal gel, spray or topical cream that is applied to the pain site. The pharmacists are careful to consider the patient’s reactions to specific drugs or his or her response to the interaction of multiple medications to minimize or eliminate any risks or side effects. The result is an individualized treatment plan that carefully manages the patient’s pain and makes it much easier for the patient to administer the medication when needed.

IWP is not affiliated with any insurance company, medical facility, or care management company. It also keeps detailed records and can provide reports as needed on claim status and utilization information. Using IWP can effectively increase the quality of care for the injured worker along with providing uninterrupted access to medication and quick delivery of medical equipment and devices needed for the worker’s recovery and comfort.

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