Job Growth Highest in Areas of Mining, Health, Education

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

According to the State of Working in Colorado 2013 industries seeing the largest growth in the current job market are Natural Resources/Mining, and Education and Health Services. Jobs in Natural Resources and Mining saw a 114% increase since 2000, and a 14% increase since the beginning of the 2007 recession. Health and Education Services saw an increase in the number of jobs by 13% since the beginning of the recession. Construction was hardest hit, seeing a total decrease of over 30% since the beginning of the recession.

The report goes on to analyze the projected areas of job growth by skill level. Middle skill jobs, requiring some post-secondary education, but not a four-year college degree, make up nearly half of jobs in Colorado now, and will make up the majority of jobs from 2009-2019.

The report is unclear about what types of educational attainment workers might need to move into these growing fields of the jobs market, but as will be discussed in a future post, education continues to be determinative to income levels, as well as employment/unemployment rates.

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