Legislative Update: Colorado Laws on Injured Workers

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Throughout 2013 several changes to Colorado law governing work injuries take effect.  According to Division of Workers’ Compensation the following are the most important changes:

  • Injured workers who are employed by uninsured sub-contractors may not necessarily be able to claim benefits under the workers’ compensation policy of the general contractor if the only thing the general contractor does is “buy goods” from the subcontractor.  For example a construction company that buys lumber may not have to cover the injuries of the lumber company’s employees.  Senate Bill 13-147.
  • Senate Bill 13-249 changes the time frame for insurance companies to either admit or challenge the opinions of the Division Independent Medical Examination.  Now there is a twenty day deadline once the Division sends out a notice of completion.
  • Senate Bill 13-285 creates a number of deadlines:  (1) requires insurance companies to reimburse injured workers for medical expenses they incur where a carrier initially denies compensability and fails to provide medical care; (2) requires the insurance carrier to adjust the lost wage benefit based upon loss of health insurance; (3) requires Temporary Partial Disability to be paid out every two weeks; and (4) requires carriers to provide a copy of the claims file within 15 days.
  • Senate Bill 13-285 also changes the rules when an insurance carrier does not agree with the designated authorized treating physician’s decision to continue to treat an injured worker.  Now the carrier may not seek a second opinion until twenty-four months have passed.

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