Lung Cancer and the Importance of Finding the Right Lawyer

Mar 2, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

Mesothelioma, a tumor of the tissue that often lines lungs and other organs, can often be traced to a viable workers’ compensation claim by a workers’ compensation lawyer because of how closely asbestos has been linked to eventual diagnoses of mesothelioma. In fact, a group called the Mesothelioma Victims Center believes that many patients diagnosed with mesothelioma receive significantly less than their due because the victims turn to the wrong type of lawyer. Particularly when the victims were exposed to asbestos as part of service in the US Navy or in some kind of industrial setting, claims can be worth a very significant amount. Of course, no amount of money can pay for the grief and heartache brought on by an injured family member, but a large sum payment can go miles for providing a victim with proper medical care to live out life in relative ease.

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According to the USCDC, victims of mesothelioma are often misdiagnosed with pneumonia and are on average in their 70’s. Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers and other such professionals well-versed in potential asbestos-containing materials can turn to the EPA’s list of potential contaminants, which includes cement pipes and textured paints to fire blankets and vinyl wall coverings. Even chalkboards made the list. Diagnosed victims of mesothelioma may have no need for a workers’ compensation attorney but patients diagnosed with mesothelioma seem to be, as a whole, consistently underestimating the potential involvement of their workplace and gravity of their diagnosis.

At particularly high risk for asbestos exposure include US Navy Veterans, those who work in power plants, ship yards, oil refineries, or steel mills. Manufacturing and industrial workers are also at a particular risk of exposure, as are plumbers, electricians, mechanics, miners, and construction workers. Usually, the exposure occurred in decades past such as the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s, or 80’s, but patients diagnosed with mesothelioma should know their options and seek help from experienced, qualified professionals.

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