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Compensation for Miners in the Four Corners Region

Cibola General Hospital’s cardio-pulminary department is busy this season testing minors for RECA. Most of the requests are for electrocardiographs and testing of miners for federal Radiation Exposure eligibility. About 10 miners per week come in for testing, all of which live in New Mexico.

Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys fight for compensation for injured workers in all fields but in order to receive workers’ compensation benefits, workers must first be injured on the job and secondly seek medical treatment as soon as possible. Currently, RECA provides lump sums to individuals who get specific diseases in three specific populations. These populations include uranium miners, millers, and ore transporters. Each claim has a total eligibility of $100,000 per claim. Those who participate in weapons tests can receive up to $75,000 per claim and those who live downwind of the Nevada Test Site can receive up to $50,000 per claim.

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Residents of the Four Corners Region (Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico) have filed most of the RECA claims since the legislation was signed. Almost 9,500 claims have been awarded. In Colorado, Denver disability lawyers have argued for more than $213 million in compensation for residents.

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