Workers' Compensation Attorney

Ronda-KM2015---1Mrs. Cordova understands life in northern Colorado. She was born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado. She attended the University of Colorado in Boulder and graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1990. Mrs. Cordova attended law school at George Mason University in Arlington, Virginia. Upon graduation in 1994, she promptly returned to her home state of Colorado to begin her legal career.

For nearly two decades, Ms. Cordova represented insurance companies and employers in the workers’ compensation system. During this time she represented every major insurance company in Colorado. She conducted numerous seminars and presentation to teach insurance companies workers’ compensation law.

She is eager to apply what she knows to your case. Once a person suffers an injury, he or she has no choice but to work with an insurance company regarding his or her claim. Mrs. Cordova knows what motivates the insurance companies. She knows how to speak to the insurance adjusters to get injured workers the benefits they deserve.

Mrs. Cordova is the proud step-mother of two girls and spends most of her free time at basketball games, choir programs and other family activities. She is also a member of a bowling league.