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Social Security Now Provides Online Version Of The Social Security Statement

As of May 1, 2012, eligible workers can get their Social Security Statement information online.  People can find information about their earnings and potential Social Security retirement, disability and survivor benefits.

Social Security Commissioner Michael Astrue explains,  “Our new online Social Security Statement is simple,  easy-to-use and provides people with estimates they can use for their retirement.  People should get in the habit of checking their online Statement each year,  around their birthday, for example.”

People can – and should – check that their earnings are correctly posted to their record.  Since all Social Security benefits are determined by a person’s earnings,  it is very important to make sure that all their earnings are correct on their Social Security record.

It is much easier to correct an earnings record error that is a year or two old and the correct records are still readily available than to try to correct an earnings record error from years back where the records may not even exist any more.

To get access your online Social Security Statement go to:   You will be prompted to provide information that matches the information that  Social Security already has for you.  You can then set up your own online account to access your statement.    Once there, you can save or print out your statement if you wish.  If you  are unable to get your Social Security Statement online, you can request a paper copy by mail.

For additional information on the online Statement see:

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