SSA ordered to provide staff assistance to two mentally disabled beneficiaries.

Aug 22, 2014 | Social Security Disability

In a first of its kind court settlement, the Social Security Administration will now provide assistance to two mentally disabled men in San Francisco so they understand SSA’s forms and procedures.  Both these men had either lost their Social Security disability benefits and had their benefits reduced, as they were not able to understand the complicated SSA rules and reporting procedures. See

Social Security will now provide a trained staff person to meet with these two beneficiaries to go over SSA’s rules, procedures and forms. While SSA provides accommodations for blind and deaf beneficiaries, this is the first time the agency will make accommodations for the approximately 2 million beneficiaries and countless applicants with mental illnesses and disabilities.

The settlement applies to these two disabled men only.  According to Steven Bruce, legal director of the People with Disabilities Foundation, the settlement may be “ideally paving the way for millions of other mentally and developmentally disabled Americans to actually receive the equal, meaningful access.”

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