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Workers’ Compensation and OSHA

Workers Compensation and OSHA

Workers’ Compensation and OSHA -Many workers are understandably upset if an employer refuses to correct an unsafe worksite. It’s worse if you get injured because of it! What are your options if that happens? Today we’ll talk about how Workers Compensation and OSHA address unsafe working environments. Workers’ Compensation and OSHA We’ll cover what your…

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Work injuries and Unemployment

work injuries and unemployment

Work injuries and Unemployment – If you’re injured, off work and you need income you might wonder if you should try to get Workers’ Compensation or if you should get Unemployment. If you’re off work due to a work injury and you have restrictions, in general, you will receive more from Workers’ Compensation than through…

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Am I Eligible? Requirements for Workers’ Compensation Claims In Colorado

In the current job climate, many people find themselves jumping at the first work opportunity that comes along without waiting to find out if their employer provides workers’ compensation insurance. Greeley and Denver workers’ compensation attorneys often have to do research to make sure a person’s injury is covered by his or her company’s workers’ compensation…

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Cost of Workers’ Compensation Insurance Rises

Many experts and brokers are reporting increases in the cost of workers’ compensation insurance for employers. This is mostly due to decreasing profit margins on the part of insurers. It is also due to the rising medical costs over the past few years. Part of this is a good thing because it means that employers…

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