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Catching Fries: What Exactly Is In The Course Of My Employment?

Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers and Denver workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you many states have a loose definition of what kinds of activities are conceivably within an employee’s job responsibilities. While workers can only receive benefits when they’re injured on the job in the course of their employment, different states have different definitions of “in…

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Temporary/Seasonal Employment and Workers Compensation in Colorado

Generally, a seasonal/temporary worker is only employed on certain seasons. A company may opt to hire extra people if they think that the workload is more than usual, but only temporarily, for a specific duration. Retail stores, farms, and ski resorts typically hire workers for temporary/seasonal work.  In Colorado, more agricultural workers are employed to…

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Roadside Manners: Work Zones and Tragedy

  Almost everyone who drives to work knows the major annoyance that follows. Imagine you are driving to work along a familiar route when suddenly construction appears, almost as if from the pavement, and suddenly the commute that usually takes you twenty minutes takes thirty or more. Most working people who have to be at…

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Paying Providers More May Help Workers Recover Faster

paying providers for timely treatment of work injury

It’s old news that workers’ compensation systems differ between states. Everything from compensation amounts for missing limbs to the amount of choice workers have for their doctors can be different between Colorado and, for example, New Mexico. That’s why it’s so important for a disabled worker in Denver to seek out a Denver disability attorney…

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Compensation for Miners in the Four Corners Region

Cibola General Hospital’s cardio-pulminary department is busy this season testing minors for RECA. Most of the requests are for electrocardiographs and testing of miners for federal Radiation Exposure eligibility. About 10 miners per week come in for testing, all of which live in New Mexico. Denver disability lawyers and Denver disability attorneys fight for compensation…

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Workers’ Compensation & The Americans’ with Disabilities Act

How Your Employment Rights combine with Workers’ Compensation:  The Americans’ with Disabilities Act When people are injured on the job, there are a number of employment law issues that can come into the picture.  Often we are asked: “Can I collect unemployment while I on workers’ compensation?”  The answer, unfortunately is – It depends. The…

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