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Can I quit my job after a work injury?

Workers’ Compensation provides medical care, lost wages, and other benefits to compensate employees who sustain injuries on the job.  What happens if you decide to quit your job after your work injury in Colorado without consulting with a lawyer?  The answer is often not pleasant, depending upon when you and why quit.  In general we…

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Can Religious Organizations Be Required To Carry Workers’ Compensation?

Can you get workers’ compensation if it is against your religion to work for wages? One of the most recent debates opening the New Year involves the Montana Hutterite religious community. The Montana Supreme Court narrowly ruled that requirements for workers’ compensation do not constitute an unconstitutional infringement upon the religious practices of the Hutterite…

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Workers’ Compensation Concerns for Telecommuters

Telecommuting or teleworking is gaining momentum in the rapidly changing US business environment as well as in federal and state courtrooms. With the number of telecommuters rising from the ranks of federal government employees on top of the small business and Fortune 500 workforce, more legal entanglements are to be expected. No law specifically addresses…

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Colorado Farm Workers: Know your Workers’ Compensation Rights

Although Colorado’s economy is now mainly driven by the service industries, agriculture remains to be the state’s second largest industry. With at least 36,200 farms encompassing 31 million acres, Colorado’s farm industry is a key element of the state’s economy. According to the Colorado Department of Agriculture, it accounts for $40 billion in overall economic…

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Legalization of Marijuana Complicates Work Drug Policies

The Colorado Marijuana Legalization Amendment, also known as Amendment 64, has been approved this 2012. The amendment will legalize the use of small amounts of marijuana for recreational use in Colorado by January 2013. Although marijuana advocates have enough reason to rejoice over the passing of Amendment 64, complications on work policies brought by said…

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