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4 Essential Questions We Ask Injured Workers

questions we ask injured workers

Questions we ask injured workers – As a Workers Compensation Attorney, Britton Morrell and colleague, Angelica, discuss four fundamental questions injured workers are asked and why.  They also address how the answers are significant in helping you with your claim. 1) When were you injured? Injured workers, one of the obscure rules, and many times…

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Jobs Increasing in Colorado, but Unemployment Rates Still High

A recent report by the Colorado Center on Law & Policy, State of Working in Colorado 2013, shows that jobs are again steadily increasing in Colorado, finally up 1,000 jobs over the numbers from 2007. However, the number of jobs fails to keep up with population growth, resulting in unemployment rates still far higher than…

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Workers’ Compensation Questions Answered: Is it legal for an employer to fire you while you have an open workers’ compensation claim for missing work to go to doctor appointments?

As it always seems to be with lawyers, the answer is – it depends.  One of the confusing things about the law is that all sort of different laws – state and federal – can apply to the same situation. The Colorado Workers’ Compensation Act does not prohibit an employer from firing you – however…

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