The top ten workers’ compensation fraud cases in 2014 have been decided and the results may be surprising. Of the ten, the top nine were non-employee fraud cases, with a monetary value of $74,876,000.00 versus the one employee fraud case, which cost a paltry $450,000 in comparison. Of the top ten fraud cases, five are from California. The other cases are from Arizona, Georgia, Washington, Texas, and Florida. The fact is, most workers’ compensation fraud comes from non-employees, and frames employers or medical providers as the culprits of the fraud.

The most costly case of fraud in 2014 came from California, where a medical equipment company over-billed the workers’ compensation system by almost $40,000,000.00 by hiking up the cost of machines by almost ten times their actual worth. The second most costly case of fraud in 2014 implicated 15 medical professionals in a scam linked to the death of a child.

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Greeley workers compensation lawyers did not come up in the most costly workers’ compensation fraud cases. However, fraud does occur in workers’ compensation and it occurs everywhere. The most common gut-reaction when discussing workers’ compensation fraud is the idea that workers tend to cheat the system. Overwhelmingly, this has been shown to be very far from the truth. Greeley disability attorneys help workers who are hurt on the job, even when these workers are unjustly accused of dishonesty.

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