Uber and Lyft Revisited: Will The Applications Do Right By Their Drivers?

Feb 25, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

Driving request applications like Lyft and Uber may be forced to provide their drivers with workmen’s compensation insurance pending the decision of a couple of cases that have been being decided since 2013. Currently, Workers’ Compensation lawyers may have trouble arguing for insurance benefits to an injured driver because the drivers are technically considered independent contractors, not employees. These court cases in California aim to decide whether the independent contractor ascription is technically correct or if the drivers are de facto employees.

Lyft has not commented on the lawsuits but does say it provides $1 million in commercial liability cover that kicks in once a driver takes in a passenger and lasts until the passenger leaves the car. Lyft also has collision auto coverage for its drivers, which might lead some Denver disability lawyers to conclude the independent contractor label is not entirely as accurate as it seems.

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There have been many stories of Denver disability lawyers looking into cases where a driver for Lyft or Uber has been injured in their line of work. These cases in California are setting an important precedent for the status of drivers for applications that offer taxi-like services. While their decisions are going to be limited to the state of California and not much of a jurisdictional precedent for a Greeley work comp lawyer, the suits are ground-breaking and absolutely vital to the safety of drivers for companies like these in the future.

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