Workers’ Comp Claims by the numbers…

Aug 22, 2014 | Compensability

Insurance Companies and Risk Managers claim workers will fraudulently file workers’ compensation claims during tough economic times, the truth, at least in Colorado is that lost-time and Settled Claims dropped from $24,044 in 2008 to 21,932 in 2009.  In 2010 such claims stayed about the same, dropping to 21,329.  Average lost time (both median and mean) also stayed stable.  (Source:  Workers’ Compensation Costs in Colorado 2010 through the Division of Workers’ Compensation, Colorado).


Total claims, including those that did not settle or have lost time, dropped from 2007, 36,663 to 33,614 in 2008.


Lifting injuries, according to this report, still make up the single most expensive and frequent type of injury.  There were 3,056 such injuries in 2010, compared to 1,148 slip and falls on snow or ice.


Most claims involve the upper extremities (33%); with the legs and trunk tied for second and third at (24.3%) and the head at a distant fourth with 5.4%.


The challenge injured workers have is trying not to be treated like a number.  This takes an experienced lawyer who can meet with you face to face, identify your rights, and pursue them aggressively.  Call our offices at 303-780-7329 or email us at to have your free consultation to see how we can help you.