Worker’s Comp News: Passenger Killed in Auto Accident Involving RTD Transport

Apr 9, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

A few weeks ago, a passenger in a crash was ejected and killed on I-225 in Colorado. Denver disability attorneys help clients who were injured or disabled in accidents but crashes, particularly fatal ones, are a different type of law. However, if an accident happens while on the way to work or during the course of one’s duties, disability lawyers might be able to make an argument that the crash was work-related, as long as the correlation between driving and working can be proven.

At about 4:45, Denver police responded to a rollover accident in I-225 and 6th avenue. The passenger was thrown from the driver’s car and neither were on the RTD bus. Both the passenger and the driver were taken to the hospital. While the passenger died, the driver has non-fatal or life-threatening injuries. The driver lost control of his car and neither the driver nor the passenger was wearing a seatbelt.

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Denver disability attorneys often receive questions about personal injury cases and how a person ought to receive care upon incident. Of course, the system is very complicated but extremely related to workmen’s compensation if the incident occurs during the course of an individual’s workplace duties. Once an accident occurs, insurance companies ought to be alerted as often, insurance will cover medical treatment and provide some compensation for lost wages. This system can be very difficult to navigate if a person is unfamiliar with the nebulous web of injury law. As in any case, it is best to defer to experienced experts in the field to resolve a question to the benefit of the injured party.

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