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Personal Injury Lawyers in Colorado

Often is the case where an injury occurs not only at work but as the result of a “stranger” or non-coworker. This is called a Workers’ Compensation 3rd Party Liability case. WC 3rd Party Liability cases are extremely complicated because they have two separate causes of action which require two legal experts; one that has workers’ compensation expertise and one that has personal injury expertise. The injured worker needs two well-qualified attorneys that have a history of working with one another in order to maximize each respective case’s recovery.

Good examples of these types of cases are injured workers who get hurt while driving for work or a subcontractor (non-coworker) causes an injury to the injured worker. Another example is if a worker is walking in their employer’s parking lot and falls because the contractor that their employer hired didn’t perform their services well. In each of these examples, the injury is not caused by a co-worker, rather the injury is caused by someone not employed by the worker’s employer.

Because Kaplan Morrell recognizes the extreme importance of understanding the laws that govern both workers’ compensation cases and personal injury cases, it has spent a great deal of time lecturing and teaching how workers’ compensation firms and personal injury firms should work together. Kaplan Morrell, in turn, has teamed up with some of the very best personal injury attorneys in and out of Colorado.

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Kaplan Morrell also offers assistance in personal injury cases in Colorado that do not have a workers’ compensation component and can help all those who need representation relating to a personal injury.