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We Are The NFL Players Association’s Designated Colorado Workers’ Compensation Panel Counsel

“Navigating the end of a career is never easy. Especially when dealing with injuries. Michael Kaplan educated me about the many aspects of workers compensation law. We discussed at length my ever changing set of circumstances, made arrangements to handle those circumstances, and collectively made well informed decisions. Michael helped me understand the law and all of my options in a very professional, unbiased, and supportive manner. I always felt very comfortable working with Michael because of his confidence, knowledge, and expertise. He always made me feel like he truly wanted the best for me and my family. It was never about reaching a settlement or earning a commission. His main goal was to educate me and help me to the benefits I am legally entitled to. I would highly recommend working with him.”


– Joel Dreessen, Former Denver Bronco & NFL Player

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Professional Player Associations

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All Colorado injured workers have the same access to the same outstanding and respected Denver workers compensation attorneys that professional athletes trust: Kaplan Morrell.

As trusted and designated panel counsel for the NFL Players Associations and Professional Hockey Players Association, we represent the majority of Colorado professional players who sustain work-related injuries.
As all professional athletes know and understand, they are paid for performance. They also understand that there is a 100% chance they they will get injured while playing. Representing some of the greatest and respected players in their respective sports; EVERY one of them had questions and concerns about their entitlement to benefits as well as the dynamics of filing a claim.  Our number one goal is to make sure that each player receives all of the benefits they are entitled as well as protect their health by preserving their right to future treatment. Kaplan Morrell represents and assists all of their players in each phase of their claim.

Teams habitually attempt to sidestep the Colorado Workers’ Compensation System in an attempt to save money. We have spoken and advised countless players who failed to seek legal advice about their workers’ compensation claim assuming that the team would “take care of them”, only to discover that they had compromised their rights because they waited too long to file a claim. One of the NFL PA & PHPA’s top priorities is making sure that their players get good legal advice which prevents them from being cheated out of their Colorado workers’ compensation benefits.  As designated panel counsel, Kaplan Morrell, is committed to helping players and their families preserve and exercise their workers’ compensation rights.