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Work Injuries Are Complicated. Protect Yourself.

We get you the treatment and compensation you deserve.

You are not alone.
How Kaplan Morrell Can Help You.

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We will meet with you anywhere in Colorado by video on your phone.

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Get Advice & Peace of Mind

We guide you through a complicated and confusing process. We take care of the deadlines so you don’t have to and help you avoid mistakes.

Collect Benefits

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With Kaplan Morrell on your side, we will work to recover all medical costs, doctors bills, prescriptions and lost wages.

Trusted & Awarded By Many Great Organizations

AVVO/Superior Lawyers
Major League Baseball Players Association
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Professional Hockey Players Association
Professional Lacrosse Players Association

Work With Kaplan Morrell Attorneys Anywhere In Colorado

Many injured people think they have to drive to an office to meet with an attorney. At Kaplan Morrell, we are where you are. We provide personalized meeting options so that you experience the best representation you deserve from the convenience of your phone. Our office is in your back pocket.

Se habla español.

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Our Clients’ Success Stories

We have helped thousands of Colorado workers get the lost wages and the benefits they deserve.
Read their success stories and let us guide you too.

Our Team

Kaplan Morrell Attorneys

Meet your guides through the Colorado Workers'
Compensation System

We’re Colorado Workers’ Compensation Attorneys working hard to get you the benefits and rights you deserve.

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We will meet with you anywhere in Colorado by video on your phone.

Se Habla Español.

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Once you sign your contract to work with us we’ll start your personalized workers’ compensation claim.

You can rest easy knowing your deadlines and paperwork will be handled by us so you can live worry free.