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What Our Clients and the Community Say

Realistically, when you need to hire an attorney like Mr.Kaplan something is seriously wrong. Sometimes people are hesitant to hire an attorney and wonder if they are actually worth it? I can promise you that Mr. Kaplan and his team are worth every penny!

Communication, attention to detail, organization, patience, and the ability to truly listen and actually care about you as a client is what you get. Mix that with his knowledge you got yourself a military watching your back.

I can’t compare Mr. Kaplan to other attorneys in Colorado but I can compare him to others around the country and this experience was by far the smoothest, easiest, and most calming Work comp case I have ever experienced!

C.C.B ~ September 2020

I had the opportunity to work with Michael Kaplan for the past four years. Every experience was phenomenal, Michael brought sincerity, compassion, and dedication to all of my cases. I was always aware that Michael truly wanted what was best for me. He was great in his explanations which allowed me to make the best decision for myself. Michael is very experienced in all aspects of his practice and beyond professional in all matters. It was truly a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend Michal Kaplan to any friend or family member without hesitation.

Brock Osweiler

Brock Osweiler

Chris W.

Chris W.

After my work injury, I was suffering from deep depression, anxiety, and pain. I was under horrible financial burden. Life was very dark for me because we were teetering on the edge of bankruptcy, and I was struggling to feed my family. I contacted other attorneys and Kaplan Morrell kept coming up because within the community of Colorado attorneys, Britton and Michael were both highly recommended. They were different from any other attorneys I had encountered. Kaplan Morrell went above and beyond the call of duty by taking the time to truly listen to me and care about what was going on in my life. They would comfort me and spend time talking to me, not just on a professional level, but on a human level. They never brushed me off when I would call and never seemed too busy for my questions. Kaplan Morrell helped me reach a settlement that changed my life. I have been able to incorporate myself back into the workforce with a solid foundation for my family’s future. Now, I enjoy life again. Before Kaplan Morrell, I didn’t have hope, but they gave me hope that they would take care of me and they did. If someone were to tell me that they were injured at work I would 110% recommend Kaplan Morrell. They are like a family to me and I will always be indebted to them.

I didn’t have a place to live, and I was bankrupt because of the medical bills related to my injury at work. Kaplan Morrell was recommended to me by a friend and I was told they were really great attorneys. Based on my results, they were! They took on the insurance company and got me a great resolution. Their team gave 100% to my case and gave special attention to me. I feel so much better because I have financial security again. I’m not the same person that I was when I first contacted Britton Morrell. I have peace of mind and am more relaxed because I don’t have to worry about my health and finances anymore thanks to Kaplan Morrell.

Adan G.

Adan G.

Deon F.

Deon F.

It was an incredibly dark time. I was at a very frustrated place with workers’ comp and couldn’t get them to converse with me whatsoever. While looking at many different attorneys’ websites, Michael Kaplan sounded like the one that would be the best fit for me. The first time I spoke with his office, I was put at ease. Talking to Michael was like talking to a friend or someone who truly knew you and cared about you. I never felt like I was talking to a stuffy attorney. Tammy, Michael’s paralegal, spent nearly two hours on the phone with me one day literally helping understand me and my situation. She really wanted to know fully what I was going through. Tammy was a great communicator and helped me so much! I never felt rushed with them and always felt like an important person. Michael was so down to earth and personal. One of the things that highly impressed me was that if I sent an email with questions usually within 5 minutes, I would get an email from Michael. It didn’t matter if I emailed at 10:00 pm or 3:00 am, I would get a response back quickly from the attorney. I once asked Michael if he ever slept because he was so responsive to my emails. That was so important and touching to me than an attorney would actually take the time to respond and care. He was very hands on. It was truly amazing to work with Kaplan Morrell.

After my accident, I was a complete wreck suffering in pain. My job sent me to a horrible doctor. He said it was all in my head, gave me pills and took advantage of me. I didn’t know anything about workers’ compensation and thought my job and doctor were on my side. I later found out that their goal was to rip me up and spit me out denying my claims. When I called Kaplan Morrell, Britton talked to me immediately showing me compassion that I hadn’t felt throughout the process. I felt safe and felt like Kaplan Morrell was going to help me. They took care of me since that day. Britton was like a hard fighting teddy bear that was different from other attorneys. I would call his office in tears and he knew how to put me back on straight being so calm and perfect. The opposition kept trying to low ball me into a settlement. Britton guided me in the right direction giving me all the pros and cons of every offer, so I could make an informed decision. Kaplan Morrell is aggressive to the opposition but doesn’t pressure us to take any settlement. I feel better that I’m done with my workers’ compensation claim. My true personality has returned and I’m happy again. I am working now, and I love my new job because I get to help others and be active. I recommend Kaplan Morrell to everyone. You won’t find any law firm or attorney who comes close to Britton and his team. They are like family to me.

Christine W.

Christine W.

If you have the unfortunate luck of dealing with worker's compensation you definitely need to be properly represented. Mike is beyond brilliant. He was totally honest and transparent from the beginning, including the good and bad. The entire work comp process can and will be frustrating, don't deal with it alone, let Mike and his firm be the shield/buffer from the hassle. He will champion for you and your rights.

Stan A.

Everyone that I have had to deal with has been great. I have had great experiences with every attorney here in the office, and I have met with and spoken to each of them in one capacity or another with my case. They were able to get back pay for my TTD when the doctors goofed up my paperwork and the insurance company wasn't going to pay and were able to recover just over four months of what would have been lost wages otherwise. They have been very clear and concise in all of the explanations of each of the procedures that we have had to take and make things easy. I would highly recommend this firm if you feel like you are up against a wall and have no way out. They really saved my hide.

Kyle A.

My experience with Britton Morrell and his team were very concerned with our case. My husband José Morales was very pleased and happy with their work. We would great fully recommend them to anyone that we know. God bless them, always Patricia M.

Patricia M.

The best decision we made regarding my husband's workplace injury was hiring Kaplan Morrell to represent him. Andrew Newcomb was his attorney, he is very knowledgeable, responsive to emails, texts, and phone calls and explained the whole process very clearly. The whole team at Kaplan Morrell was easy to work with and took the workload and worry off of us. I would recommend them to anyone with a workplace injury.

Alison H.

Before I approached Kaplan Morrell I was on the razor's edge of accepting the insurance companies offer and moving on. Working with Mike and Tammy was unquestionably the best choice I could have made as they have made the whole process stress free and very easy, in addition to doubling what the insurance company first offered me.

If you are unsure about whether or not to hire an attorney for a work injury case, I would highly recommend using Kaplan Morrell. Working with them has made the entire process stress free, and they compiled everything in a way that Was easy to understand. They were also very attentive and quick to answer any and all questions I had during the process. If I were to end up in a similar situation, I would work with Kaplan Morrell without question.

Zach H.

By far the Best Work Injury lawyers in Colorado. Efficient, friendly and bilingual.

Daniel S.

This group was so helpful. My case was a little tricky but Rhonda and Margaret helped me throughout the entire process. I was grateful to have them on my side. The case was settled and I was able to receive a settlement from workman’s comp. I will definitely recommend Rhonda and the entire Kaplan and Morrell team to my friends and family.

Jenny R.

Michael and Tammy assisted me with my worker's comp case and I couldn't have been happier with the results. Tammy was very thorough, available for questions, and extremely professional. Michael was genuine, fair, and extremely professional. This law firm focuses on the best interest of the client and will not disappoint. They truly are top-notch.

Kevin D.

I was very confused about how workman's comp cases went and Ronda did a great job of explaining, helping me through the process, and getting three times the amount I expected. Great job!


After searching for an attorney for a work-related injury, I came across Ronda Cordova. We spoke on the phone and she made me feel relieved. I, as a deaf person, was nervous about finding an attorney because most of them turn away because they did not want to get an interpreter. Ronda has a family member who is deaf so it reassured me that everything will be ok. She has been a wonderful anchor to my life. She will take the time to be sure you understood what’s happening with your case! If you need an attorney she’s for you! Thank you Ronda!

Julie R. 

My experience with Kaplan Morell was a little unique in that I am not one of their clients. I have an older worker’s compensation benefits case and my attorney is encouraging me to settle it. I needed another opinion and a little better understanding of Workers Comp settlements. Michael Kaplan was referred to me and he contacted me right away. He was very thoughtful to do that so fast. It was ironic that he knew my lawyer and has for many years. He spoke highly of my attorney’s experience and knowledge. It was great to hear that personal connection and it was good data for my second opinion.

If I had a Workman’s Compensation case, I would contact Michael Kaplan from Kaplan Morell. He was helpful and nice, even for my call which was just for a second opinion. It speaks volumes that he would take a few minutes to talk to me and help ease my mind about my decision.

Angie L. 

Very professional team. Most informative during every phase of my case. Mr. Newcomb always answered my questions and was very supportive at all times. Great experience and successful at settling my case. Thank you.

Sari B. 

I was referred to Michael Kaplan for an injury I sustained at work back in March. From the first phone call I had with Tammy, Michael's Senior Paralegal, I felt as though all my needs and concerns regarding my injury were of the utmost importance. Both Michael and Tammy operated very professionally and with the highest integrity, with concerns for not only my physical injury but also my mental well being.

They kept me well informed each step of the way, making sure I understood everything that would be happening throughout my case. Michael was able to settle my case in what I felt was a very short amount of time, so I could move on with my life. I highly recommend Michael Kaplan for any Worker's Comp claim you may face!

Phillip A. 

Wonderful company. I had an injury while working and the company was trying to take full advantage of me. However, due to connecting with Kaplan Morrell, my mind was put at ease and I was able to get more medical attention and compensation.

Alec M. 

I would like to thank Andrew Newcomb and the team at Kaplan Morrell for their excellent service. We took my dad’s workers comp case to Kaplan Morrell and the whole process was smooth. Andrew was always attentive to us and he responded to my emails in a maximum of 3 hours. I was surprised at how quickly he responded and answered my questions thoroughly. I am very happy with Andrew’s work and with everyone else on the team. I hope we won’t ever need another worker's comp attorney, but if we ever do, we will contact Andrew Newcomb. Thanks a bunch, guys! GREAT WORK.

Alonso C. 

Great service, very diligent and care for their clients deeply. Highly recommend for professional manners regarding worker’s compensation.

Duncan S. 

I would recommend this law firm to anyone who is dealing with a workman’s comp case or work injury. They are professional, efficient, and show a level of humanity most people do not. Andrew was my layer and most of my contact was with Brandy. Both of whom are amazing people and were patient and understanding with me. Thank you all so much for how you’ve helped me.

Moriah L.

Working with Michael was as smooth and efficient as possible. Michael does a great job of presenting all possible angles and allowing me to make the final decision. He does an excellent job of explaining the situation in an easy to understand manner.

Jake B.

I tried to work my way through the work comp system for several years. After receiving a "you are not our problem anymore" letter and a small check, I contacted Mr. Kaplan. He assured me that I was, in fact, getting taken advantage of and agreed to take on my case. Mr. Kaplan and Tammy are very knowledgeable, kind, and thorough. They are fierce advocates for their clients. They negotiated a settlement much higher than the original offering and I couldn't be happier.

Amy B.

After dealing with my employer's insurance company for over a year denying me treatment, one of my doctors gave me Michael Kaplan's name. He and his staff helped me through a very difficult time dealing with my work injury. His paralegal Tammy was always there for me and I owe her a debt of gratitude. Thank you, Michael, for being not just an attorney working on my behalf, but being a friend.


They were very helpful and understanding of my situation, very responsive when I had questions and overall I just had a great experience!

Jordan S.

After almost a year of fighting workman's comp on a back injury, I finally decided to seek legal advice. It was actually one of my doctors that referred Michael Kaplan to me. One thing I love about Michael is that he always honored my wishes regardless. Him and his staff were always there for me to give me the best advice but ultimately it was always my decision on how to move forward. His paralegal Tammy was there for me every step of the way and we had many conversations where I cried and she listened. I am so grateful for her.

Denise M.

Having Kaplan Morrell stand beside you when facing a workmen’s compensation case is the safest most intelligent decision that can be made. Atty. Britton Morrell and his team of paralegals Brandy and documenting specialist Nick along with everyone else in the office working like a welled oiled machine who leave no stone unturned. They are also wonderful caring people who know how to listen, always return a phone call and work with you for your benefit. I’m so thankful I hired Kaplan Morrell Attorneys at Law to represent me after I slipped on ice and sustained a shoulder and brain injury. Thank you so very much. Sincerely,

Claudia F.

Our brother suffered a debilitating injury at work in 2018. Luckily Workman’s comp kicked in and began paying his hospitalization bills. Although eventually we had to deal with the Workmen’s Comp. carrier and they didn’t always listen to us or take care of certain bills that were accidentally sent to us. Knowing what would be ahead of us we researched several attorneys and found Michael Kaplan to be our best choice as a workmen’s compensation attorney. We did seek out a couple of other firms but they seemed to be disorganized and so large that we felt like a number to them. Once we found Michael we knew we were golden.

Michael really opened our eyes to the laws dealing with our brother's case and always made us feel that he had our brother's best interests in mind. Michael kept us informed frequently and always responded to our questions no matter how trivial. He helped us understand the process from a layman's point of view. There's no way we could or should have attempted to go it alone. I would highly recommend Michael and Tammy (paralegal) for any workman’s comp. case. They are kind, compassionate, and straight to the point.


In the beginning, I was intimidated by the legal/worker's comp process and dealing with the insurance company was a nightmare. I'm grateful to have found Kaplan Morrell to help lead me through it. It's evident after working with Mike that he is incredibly knowledgeable and well-respected in the community.

From start to finish Mike communicated that his priority was to get me the treatment I needed and the best outcome for my personal situation. He backed this up with his actions and ensured that I was taken care of every step of the way. He understands that each individual, case, and injury are different, which was critical for me having multiple injuries and a really unique situation.

Mike and his team handled the process professionally throughout and they delivered the results we were hoping for. I can't thank them enough.

Gumption defined as shrewd or spirited initiative and resourcefulness. Britton Morrell should be the picture next to this definition. He went up and above to help me settle my case. There were times when the case felt like it was going off the rails, Britton would circle the wagons and get us right back on track. He is courageous, clever and if Law was chess he would be Bobby Fischer.
I cannot thank him enough.


Overall I was very impressed working with Michael Kaplan, and Tammy Roberts. This firm was able to recover lost wages and obtain a cash settlement after I sustained an injury playing in the National Lacrosse League. Any questions I had, even on weekends or late at night I would receive a response back in a timely fashion. They were upfront and honest about any fees, and I was not left with any surprises once the settlement came. Very honest and down to earth people. I would highly recommend using this firm to anyone in the future. Thank you guys so much and it was a pleasure working with you both!

Josh S. 

I hired Michael and his team to represent me in a worker's comp case that was recently resolved. He provided excellent advice and made navigating the process virtually painless. His paralegal Tammy Roberts was a huge help and was pleasant to work with. Ultimately Michael and his team were able to secure a better outcome for my case than I thought possible. I highly recommend contacting them for any worker's comp claims.

Sam J.

I had a great experience with Ronda Cordova, she gave me a lot of advice and explained the work comp process to me from the very beginning so that I understood what was going on. Her office was easy to contact and I was always able to speak to someone if I had a question or concern. I recommend them to anyone with a work injury.

Trista C.

Mike and Tammy have been a godsend over the last 4 yrs! They truly helped me understand the process, listened to my concerns and let me have complete meltdowns when I was frustrated with the system! Very professional and down to earth people! I highly recommend Kaplan Morrell!


Michael Kaplan is the attorney you want on your side. Not only is he a top-notch legal advocate, he follows through on his promises, and tells you the truth. Having represented us for more than a decade, we can attest that Michael has always lived up to the highest standards. We highly recommend Michael Kaplan.

Mark and Kim

I was unfortunately in a horrific accident that put me out of work for a year due to numerous injuries and the physical therapy that ensued. I was referred to Kaplan Morrell by another law firm that didn't specialize in personal, work-related injuries. I was represented by Ronda Cordova and her Paralegal Margaret Johnson. Ronda used to be employed by the insurance company assigned to my case, which was amazing because she knew what to expect and how to circumvent any issues that would transpire on my behalf. She is absolutely amazing and very thorough when it comes to detail, as well as takes the time to explain things in layman's terms so I could fully understand what was going on every step of the way. I greatly appreciate and am thankful to have someone like her in my corner. I would recommend anyone who has the unfortunate experience that I had, to her because rest assured she's going to go the extra mile to make sure one is properly taken care of when lightning, unfortunately, strikes one's life. Thanks again for everything I truly am grateful to have been represented by you!!

Greg D. 

Michael Kaplan is a real human being who cares about you! Compassionate staff to help you thru the process! Thank you guys for everything!


I sure wish I'd found this firm sooner. Though I was recommended to Michael Kaplan too late in the process, he was still incredibly kind and generous with his time and expertise. He even called me back, unexpectedly, days after our consultation with a new idea about my case and a referral for me. He was the most helpful of anyone I've spoken to in this whole process.


Kaplan Morrell handled my worker's compensation case with professionalism and great knowledge. Britton protected my rights and settled for the maximum under the law. I highly recommend Kaplan Morrell.

Shannon S. 

Please pass on to Mike, Britton, Ronda, how very pleased I was how you handled this case. It was very efficient and all that was said was followed through, which I really appreciated...It is a very hard thing to go through without any guidance it could have been a nightmare. Thank you and your office for all the hard work. A very Big Thank you!

Bill A. 

When I first got injured at work no attorneys would even look at my case. But Rhonda Cordova with the staff took care of my entire claim! Even though it took a lot of work and a bunch of steps, they made the process smooth and easy! Didn't have to worry about a thing! They helped me get what I needed in a good time frame! THANK YOU KAPLAN MORRELL!!! Wouldn't recommend anyone but Kaplan Morrell!!

Nicole M. 

I couldn't do it without you! Rhonda Cordova and the staff are amazing. Very compassionate and understanding. Answered all my questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THEM...

Veronica M. 

I was referred to Mike Kaplan by a judge who is a former employer of mine, as well as a family friend. Mr. Kaplan has represented me in two separate Workers Comp cases. Mr. Kaplan has a great reputation with the medical community, and two of the physicians that treated me during my recent injury spoke very highly of him. I love Mike and his paralegal Tammy! Unlike most law firms, they make communicating with them easy. They were quick to respond to my calls and e-mails and made sure to answer any questions or concerns that I had. They both went out of their way to make this overwhelming process as easy as possible for me. I am very happy with the settlement that I received, as it was more than double what another attorney that I had a consultation with had promised me. I wouldn't hesitate to hire Mike again, and I truly appreciate all that his firm did for me!

Kym Y. 

7 years ago my husband was killed on the job, I had no idea how to pay all our bills and what to do in this time. Michael Kaplan has helped me from day one with getting the insurance company to pay what they were supposed to then, and followed all the time to today to make sure all rules are followed and that I am getting the best I can. No amount of money will bring my husband back, but Michael has made sure to try to help ease many of my burdens and worries! You won’t find a better attorney anyway!

Tracy K. 

I valued Ronda Cordova's expertise and attention to detail. While the process seemed very drawn out, I realize most of this was due to the Worker's Compensation attorney not being responsive. I would highly recommend their services to anyone injured at work.

Ryan P. 

I found the whole team extremely helpful and honest.

Jagger S. 

Recomiendo ampliamente a Kaplan Morrell por su profesionalismo, servicio y atención de primera. Mi primera imprension desde el momento que llegue a las oficinas fue el sentirme muy en confianza y excelentemente atendida por cada persona que forma parte del equipo. Mil gracias por sus atenciones, su profesionalismo y calidad en su servicio. Agradezco infinitamente su apoyo.

Veronica V. 

I was injured on the job and found myself in a position of needing a great workman's comp attorney, near me. I was directed to Kaplan Morrell and placed the call. I was quickly set at ease by the extreme professionalism received by the staff's concern and willingness to get started on my medical needs, as well as compensation for my injuries. I am so grateful to have found Kaplan Morrell and would recommend them without question.

Angel J. 

Hoy por fin recibí mi compensación por un accidente que tube en mi trabajo después de que varios abogados de según buen prestigio de Denver Co. que se anuncian en tv. me dieran la espalda . Un amigo abogado de migración me recomendó a esta firma de abogados KAPLAN MORRELL, pensé que no me ivan a ayudar pero mi sorpresa fue que al contrario de los otros ellos me dijiron que si teníamos caso y que si quería empezábamos lo más pronto posible y hoy estoy feliz por que ya terminó mi proceso y recibí grasias a ellos una buena compensación.
Grasias abogado Britton Borrell por llevar personalmente mi caso
En lo personal yo los recomiendo

Adan G. 

I had a wonderful experience with Mr. Kaplan and his assistant Tammy Roberts. I was very unsure at first if I should proceed with my worker's comp case since it was a very unusual case. I was given compassion when I felt I was at my lowest due to my worker's comp injury. Tammy always was prompt at getting back to me and I appreciated that. I thought I would only get a certain amount but what I ended up getting was way more. I appreciated that after all I went though I was able to pay all my bills I had rung up during my injury.

Angela S. 

Mike se Porto super bien, fui muy bien atendida por Veronica. Yo recomiendo los servicios de Kaplan Morrell. Ellos tienen la facilidad de atendernos en nuestro idioma y ayudarnos en cualquier cosa que necesitamos. Recomendados al 100

Maibe R. 

Kaplan Morrell did a great job of letting me know the way the process works, what to expect, and kept me from worrying. I would highly recommend using them if you are injured on the job. You need the best, don't take chances. They have experience if you worked for the state of Colorado, they can even handle that. The paralegals or Britton, or Michael themselves always got back to me right away.

Kim D. 

When I was refused and MRI from the Insurance they got it approved and then the same thing happened when I needed a second surgery they had to fight Insurance again. They were there for me every step of my almost 3-year long fight with Insurance.

Wendi M. 

My experience with Michael Kaplan was the best! I was referred by a friend she promised me that I would be in great hands & she was right. I remember calling the Law Firm & requesting Micheal Kaplan. My first experience with Michael was very welcoming & professional. He was very detailed with my options throughout my entire case. He answered all my questions & concerns, he is a great guide when it comes to the Workman Compensation System. If I could change one thing about working Micahel Kaplan would I'd have to say it would be "Not meeting him sooner!" If you need Legal Representation I would recommend Kaplan Morell Law Firm without a doubt. I hope I never need an attorney again, but if I do I know who to go to!

Akire A.

Wonderful service, good people! Thanks for your advising and for the settlement! It’s always intimidating to go against a huge corporation..but not when Kaplan Morrell is on your side.

Vitaliy C.

Great team working here. (Rhonda& Margaret) Got our case settled quickly and efficiently. Kept us educated on all steps of the process! Thank you! Highly recommend!

Mik P.

Wow. So blessed to have Kaplan and Morell represent me. What a great team along with Ms. Tammy. I would highly recommend them. They get the job done keeping the client informed at all times. You're not left in the dark they keep you posted about your case and will truly fight for you. I highly recommend them to all. Very caring and down to earth. They will fight for you. THANK YOU KAPLAN AND MORELL.

Anne W.

I highly recommend you hire Kaplan and Morrell; if you are getting screwed by the insurance company you waited too long! They are true professionals.

Jeremy S.

If you’re looking for someone who’s going to handle your case thoroughly and efficiently. Michael Kaplan is your guy. Michael fights for his clients. He gets every single benefit we as human beings are entitled to. His team communicates well and keeps their clients up to date and in the loop about every decision being made. Don’t settle for anyone other than Michael. As an 8 year professional athlete, my body took a beating. I needed help in recovering my dues and he was there in a snap. When others stop fighting for you, Michael takes the fight to them. Don’t hesitate to get the right person for the job. He’s the only option.

Billy W.

Kaplan Morrell was exceptional in their representation of me. Michael Kaplan and his team went above and beyond to give me the best representation possible. Highly recommend!

Trey K.

As a college student who was injured at work, as well as someone who has no idea about proceeding with a workman's comp case I owe so very much to Michael and his fantastic team! I had a facial laceration and as such, it resulted in a pretty nasty cut on my forehead and nose that has now scarred, but with Michael's help, we were able to receive proper compensation. Michael and his team were timely, informative and overall excellent to work with, they made the whole process clear and concise giving myself and my family as much information as possible as soon as possible. Something as simple as a 5-minute conversation to update over the phone was never a problem and I am very thankful to Kaplan Morrell as a whole!

Nick N.

So very thankful that we were referred to Kaplan Morrell by another attorney for legal help with my husband's worker's compensation injury this past August! From the very minute we contacted Kaplan Morrell we were put in touch with Ryan Spear, Attorney. Ryan Is AWESOME! He made us feel at ease, he LISTENED to our concerns and provided guidance and assistance every step of the way....without any pressure or hesitation!! We thought the process working through my husbands employers insurance carrier was going well....that is until they were not paying the medical bills!!! Immediately after signing on with Kaplan Morrell we received an email from the insurance adjuster stating "the bills have been paid"!!! WOW....Really? It is such a wicked game that insurance carriers play....they want the premiums but don't want to pay the claims. Once we turned everything over to Ryan and his paralegal, our minds were put at ease and we knew he had our back...Thank You Ryan & Angelica!!!! Don't let the insurance companies put you through "the game"...Make the call to Kaplan Morrell and rest assured, You Are In Good Hands!

Larry G.

Great people. I was overwhelmed and looking for answers. Tammy started right away. Ryan is so honest and knowledgeable. My life has changed due to my injury but thanks to Ryan, Tammy, and Angelica this chapter will close soon. I got a fair shake that is all I wanted. Some people go above and beyond their job that is these people for sure. Thanks for listening and straighten out the mess that is Workman's compensation.

Susan T.

I can’t say enough good things about Michael Kaplan. In cases like workers comp, you’re terrified, stressed out, confused, and on top of that, you’re in pain. Michael took on my case, which was relentlessly complicated, and he actually took on all of the stress for me. I can’t fathom going through the process without him. He was perfectly clear about the process, what could happen, what I should expect from him, but more importantly...he was kind. I didn’t feel alone in the process, I felt supported, I felt like I actually had a chance against a giant company that otherwise could’ve scared me into staying quiet about my injuries. After we were done working together and I realized how much he had taken on for my case and how calm and breezy he made it seem (it wasn’t but he made me feel better by portraying it that way), I could never repay him for his services and overwhelming kindness. He was amazing and I wish more people had his integrity, sympathy, empathy, compassion, and genuine altruism. Go blue!

Hannah R.

I would recommend Rhonda and her staff to anyone. Very hard working and your health and well being is at the top of their list... Margaret Johnson wow is amazing she makes you feel like family she really takes the time to listen to everything going on whether it is relevant to your case or not. If you need a workman's comp atty I strongly urge you to contact Kaplan Morrell. Thank you all so much for your hard work...

Kathy O.

I met Attorney Kaplan at a critical point in my life after a personal injury at work. I retained another attorney initially but was very disappointed. Working with Attorney Kaplan was a welcomed and huge positive contrast. He is compassionate, intelligent, patient, and extremely well versed in the Worker’s Compensation system. His advice and guidance were invaluable. This helped inspire trust and reduce my fears about the legal process and outcome of my case. He always treated me with respect and consideration in our interactions. I felt like I truly had a voice and that he cared about what I thought and felt. I cannot recommend Attorney Kaplan more highly.

Deb H.

My experience with Kaplan Morrell was a very good one. It was a long process but it all worked out in the end. Britton answered every question I had and made the whole ordeal very bearable. If I ever run into the situation again I would definitely use them again and will refer people in need of their services.

Bear L.

Attorney Britton Morrel and the Kaplan Morrel Law Firm staff (Carla, Veronica & Claudia) were very professional and helpful in my worker's comp case. He answered all of my questions, explained the process in detail, and settled my case. They handled my case with an amazing amount of expertise and helped me. Thanks! I would recommend!

Alberto H.

I had an amazing experience with Mr. Morrell. His office staff is friendly and very knowledgeable. This has been the best experience I've had and he is a WONDERFUL attorney to have on your side!

Lyssa G.

I was impressed, I was struggling to get a good resolution with my workman's comp company. I was met with resistance and a lack of understanding of the situation. The adjuster was struggling with a lack of common sense or a practical demeanor, I suppose she tried her best. Then they wanted me to sign my life away and threw me a bone for my injury. So I decided to find an attorney, I was referred to Michael Kaplan. He said to sit back and they will handle it from there, so I did I waited, and a short time later he was able to get me a settlement for my claim I was happy with and not a cent out of my pocket. I recommend Michael Kaplan and his firm, I really don't think you will be disappointed.

Wes K.

En mi opinión: excelente atencion,amabilidad y el trato que te dan es de lo mejor .

Patricia M.

Yo quiero dar mis mejores referencias para los abogados de Kaplan Morrell, yo se los recomiendo a quién necesite el apoyo, consejo de abogados excelentes y muy profesionales. Yo sufrí un accidente en mi trabajo y ellos me atendieron, escucharon, resolvieron todas mis dudas y lograron obtener la compensación a mi satisfacción. Muchas gracias a todos y cada una de las personas que laboran para Kaplan Morrell Attorneys at Law, especialmente a Ronda por su ayuda y gran atención a mi caso.

Mayra N.

yo estaba buscando un abogado cercas de mi y agradezco aber encontrado a kaplan morrell. sin dudas son los mejor del estado de Colorado y ellos me ayudaron a resolver mi caso,yo recomiendo ampliamente a ellos para ayudar a cualquier persona sin duda reitero los mejores del estado.

Jesus A.

Ronda is an absolutely amazing lawyer. She was so helpful and made dealing with the workers' comp insurance simple and easy. I recommend her to everyone.

Savanah B.

Dan muy buen servicio y me dieron respuesta a todas mis preguntas. Me consiguieron lo mejor para mi. Te ayudan con todo el papeleo sin que uno tenga que llenarlos y son muy amables.

Julio A.

Tienen un exelente servicio y explican como podria ser el prosesoy para miexperiencia fu como me dijeron y fue en un tiempo muy rapido fue exelente y se resolvioen un corto plazo quede muy satisfecho

Mario R.

This is the finest and most professional law firm I have ever worked with. Britton has done a fantastic job. I would highly recommend him and his firm to anyone with an injury!

Roger S.

Para mi el servicio de señor Morrell fue excelente y si hay algún nesecitado de solucionar sus problemas de su lastimaduras consulte inmediato al señor morrell ho llame que Dios les bendiga gracias

Andres R.

Ronda was an amazing and thorough lawyer who worked hard to win my case. I can't speak more highly of an attorney then Ronda for not only winning my case by finding the errors made in my case and fighting for me even harder. You won't find a better work comp lawyer then Ronda Cordova

Michelle B.

Estoy feliz con mi abogado Kaplan morell porque me ayudó en lo más que pudo y estoy contenta con el dinero que me agarro gracias abogado Kaplan morrell

Maria H.

Mi proseso fue rapido sin ningun problema y todos fueron amables

Ivette P.

Thanks to Ronda at Kaplan, my work comp claim was handled smoothly.


Excellent Attorneys and helpful staff.

Wendy B.

Ronda with Kaplan Morrell is knowledgeable and highly skilled at navigating the confusing process of the worker’s compensation process. Her assistance and guidance were invaluable in getting through the process. Highly recommend her and her team at Kaplan Morrell!

Michael R.

Professional, Honest, Respectable Law Firm. Highly Recommended! They will fight for your best interests.


Morrell is the best at what he does. He will make sure your case is handled quickly and efficiently. He will make sure you have no worries during this time. The receptionist is great! Super friendly all the time and returns call promptly.

Dazzery K.

Llege por recommendation Me atudaror en Todo lo qe pudieron Estuve bien agusto como me trataron Etoy conforme Lo qe hicieron por mi GRACIAS

Martin M.

Fast friendly and fair. They were very helpful in a confusing experience.

Shannon H.

Estoy contenta con el servicio que se me brindo en my idioma gracias.

Adriana J.

When I suffered a life altering injury to my spine while still a teenager, I had lost all hope, hope of recovery, hope of pushing forward, and most of all, I lost the hope that anyone would do right by me in this situation. That’s when Mike Kaplan came in. No matter how difficult the case seemingly became with everything from stubborn doctors and insurance agents to me missing my own appointments, Mike never let give up on the fight to get me what I deserve (and boy did he). I would 10/10 recommended Kaplan Morrell to anyone who feels at all that they have lost someone to vouch for them and needs a strong leader to fight to get them what they need. He is the best Workers’ Compensation attorney.


I’ll never forget how Michael took the time to listen to me just like a friend, not an attorney. I was a single mom and didn’t want to lose my job or salary. He completely understood my needs, worries and concerns. I have experience working with other attorneys and sometimes in the workers’ compensation system the ball gets dropped. Everyone makes mistakes, but I never felt like that happened with Kaplan Morrell. It seemed like they were always on the ball and didn’t miss anything necessary to help my case. Their team was so efficient and returned calls within 24 hours. I saw it for myself. Michael fought for me to get me what I needed to get the benefits I deserved.

Claudia S.

We engaged Michael Kaplan’s services for a worksite accident unfortunately suffered by our son. I have to say he and his support staff, primarily Tammy, were great! Michael is very smart and well-spoken. He made us feel at ease with a stressful situation and we knew right away we were in good hands. I would highly recommend him to anyone seeking a highly qualified attorney that gets great results in a timely manner.

Mark N.

I was referred to Michael Kaplan from a provider I was seeing following a work-related head injury. I was so nervous to begin the process of hiring an attorney; I had no idea what it would involve or how it could impact my situation. I cannot speak more highly of Mike and Tammy. My injury has been very difficult, stressful and life-changing, however hiring Mike was the best decision I could have made. Dealing with the worker's comp system is a monster and not one that should be tackled alone. Michael and Tammy were very responsive to my emails and phone calls. Tammy was direct but gentle, often easing my anxiety about things that I felt completely overwhelmed by. Mike tells it like it is without sugarcoating it or beating around the bush - which is so valued and appreciated when it often feels like everyone else is doing the exact opposite: not listening to you, not telling you the full story, and not believing you. Michael is human, just like the rest of us, and makes sure you know he actually cares about you. Thank you, Michael, Tammy and anyone else who helped with my case. I am forever grateful to all of you.

Kaylee J.