I am at MMI – Maximum Medical Improvement…what does that mean? [2024]

May 19, 2022 | Employment Concerns, Medical Benefits

I am at MMI – Maximum Medical Improvement…what does that mean? – As experienced Workers’ Compensation attorneys at Kaplan Morrell, we understand the complexities and crucial milestones in your journey toward recovery after a workplace injury. One such pivotal milestone is reaching Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).

I am at MMI – Maximum Medical Improvement…what does that mean?

What is Maximum Medical Improvement?

MMI does not signify that you are entirely pain-free or fully recovered. It doesn’t even guarantee that you won’t require ongoing medical care. Essentially, MMI means that, according to the insurance company’s doctor, there is no additional medical treatment expected to improve your condition significantly. Recent studies indicate that approximately 60% of workers at MMI continue to require some form of medical support.*

Can I Challenge the Company Doctor’s Opinion?

Absolutely. In fact, our experience shows that between 70% and 80% of our clients who sought a second opinion received either extended medical care, a higher impairment rating, or both. You have the right to contest the company doctor’s conclusion if it suggests that no further treatment can benefit you. However, navigating this process without expert guidance can be daunting. The insurance company might exploit any gaps in your understanding, potentially hindering your access to necessary care and benefits.

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At Kaplan Morrell, our expertise extends beyond legal advice. We are familiar with the medical professionals involved in these cases and understand how to navigate the medical system effectively. Our goal is to ensure you receive the appropriate care and benefits you deserve.

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