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Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability

Workers' Compensation and Social Security Disability

Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability – A very common concern when someone is disabled and has restrictions is if they should apply for disability, it’s a frequent question we get from our injured clients, but before answering, we need to know what kind of disability we’re talking about. Workers’ Compensation and Social Security Disability What are…

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Social Security Recipients Second Amendment Rights preserved Having a Representative Payee No Longer Prevents You From Owning a Firearm

In February 2017, the House of Representatives voted to “overturn an Obama administration rule” that required the Social Security Administration to “forward the names of all Social Security Disability Insurance . . . benefit recipients who use a representative payee . . . to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System . . ..” Reaction…

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A Drivers’ Union for Uber?: What the Uber Settlement Means for Workers’ Compensation Rights

As driving applications like Uber and Lyft gain popularity, so do pressing legal questions about their drivers and passengers. Increasingly, Denver workers’ compensation lawyers and Greeley workers’ compensation attorneys find that professionals have multiple jobs. With the certification process for Uber being so intuitive, many people find themselves ferrying intoxicated passengers as a weekend or…

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Catching Fries: What Exactly Is In The Course Of My Employment?

Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers and Denver workers’ compensation lawyers will tell you many states have a loose definition of what kinds of activities are conceivably within an employee’s job responsibilities. While workers can only receive benefits when they’re injured on the job in the course of their employment, different states have different definitions of “in…

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Mental Health and Workers’ Compensation: Cases in 2015

Workers’ compensation varies from state to state, which makes for broad and different kinds of cases all over the nation, as Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers and Denver disability lawyers know. This past year, a court in New York made an interesting decision about a workers’ compensation case. Denver workers’ compensation lawyers were puzzled by this…

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Am I Eligible for Social Security/Disability?

Are you eligible for social security disability in Colorado

Many people either need or will need social security/disability benefits through their lives. Social security and disability benefits exist to help people who suffer from injuries so severe, they can no longer perform the job functions they used to and it’s difficult to impossible for them to find employment in other fields. Broadly speaking, in…

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What Does it Mean? Lower Workers’ Comp Insurance Rates for 2016

At the end of the year, many insurance companies will attempt to settle or reduce the number of open claims they have. Workers’ compensation is no different, creating an opportunity for Denver workers’ compensation lawyers, Greeley workers’ compensation attorneys, and especially their injured clients. These clients often work for years at their jobs and suffer…

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Seasonal Changes: Harvesting and Worker Safety

For many people, Fall means changing leaves, the last hikes of the season, and seasonal foods coming out taking advantage of the last real fruit season of the year. Fall for farmers means harvest season and this seasonal employment carries a good deal of risk which Greeley workers’ compensation attorneys and Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers…

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