Filing Workers’ Compensation in Colorado

If you’ve recently been injured at work, you may be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Workers compensation is an employer-paid insurance program that provides compensation and benefits to workers that have been injured on the job covering the cost of associated medical bills and any resulting time off work. In Colorado, you have the right to seek professional assistance in filing your Workers’ Compensation claim and if you live in the Denver and front range area, our workers’ compensation attorneys can help.

Kaplan Morrell will fight to get you the Workers’s Compensation benefits you deserve.

Remember- workers’ compensation laws are complicated, and insurance companies are out to protect themselves, they want to pay as few benefits as possible. The sooner you get an attorney on your side, the better off your case may be.

The Colorado Labor and Employment office in Denver - Place for filing Workers Compensation in Colorado

Here is how we can help you file your claim:

  1. We review your case to make sure that you obtain every benefit the law provides injured workers.  Each and every case is different, and often what rights you will receive will depend upon the unique facts and circumstances of your case.
  2. We fight to make sure that you receive the maximum amount of compensation for each benefit you deserve.  This includes making sure that you get the additional medical treatment that will get you back to the way you were before the injury.
  3. We help resolve roadblocks in your medical care.  If you can’t get the medication, physical therapy, or specialist referral that the treating doctor recommends, we fight to get your medical care on track.
  4. We help you navigate through the minefield that Workers’ Compensation can be for injured workers.  Decisions that you make about work, that may seem reasonable, can have unintended serious consequences.  We help you avoid problems that injured workers without attorneys will accidentally stumble into.
  5. With over fifty combined years of legal experience, our lawyers and paralegals will assist you to be aware of your options and give you the information you need to make an informed decision about medical treatment, work issues, and disability challenges.  Our experience in Social Security Disability, and Disability Discrimination in the workplace, will give you a comprehensive understanding of your rights.

It is critical for you to talk with our office so that you have an experienced lawyer working hard to make sure you get the benefits you deserve.

Contact us for your free Workers’ Compensation consultation to see how we can help.