Watch Out If You Are On Social Media And Have A Work Injury!

Mar 18, 2024 | Red Flags, Mistakes & Myths, WC & Other Laws

Watch Out If You Are On Social Media And Have A Work Injury! – When you’re injured you need to be very careful with social media because it can create a lot of problems.

Admission to Social Media

There was a case with a worker who said she couldn’t raise her arm at all, and that because of her injury, she had to stay home and couldn’t go out. During her hearing in front of a judge she was confronted with pictures and posts from her social media where she was extremely social, going out to gatherings, and photos of her using her arm in a way she said she couldn’t.

The insurance company attorney was able to introduce these posts and pictures without giving notice to the injured worker or her attorney. They went to court not knowing that they were going to be confronted with that, and the judge ruled that they were admissible because the injured worker herself created them, so they weren’t surprising her.

How to handle Social Media if you have a Work Injury

If you’re on social media make sure that what you’re posting isn’t public, but that it’s private, so that only your friends can see it.

The number one piece of advice is don’t engage in social media while you’re getting injured and don’t allow people to tag you in photos because that can create complicated situations.

When pictures are posted it isn’t known when they were taken, or where they were taken. Nonetheless, you’re tagged and they show up in your timeline as if it occurred at that time.

Another example is if you’re just walking a course and tracking it with an app for running. Therefore, when it’s automatically posted to social media it says you ran 3 miles when in reality you weren’t running.

All of that can create situations of confusion and exaggeration which can affect your case. So, it’s best to not post at all on social media while you’re injured, and not to allow people to tag you.

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