Hit-and-run: Not as Easy as it Used to Be

Mar 4, 2015 | WC & Other Laws

Denver, Colorado resolves about 78% of all hit and run cases that occur in Colorado. Denver disability lawyers and law enforcement alike rely heavily on a social media program that allows passers-by to report and react to a hit-and-run. In fact, the program is so successful that the city of Los Angeles, where 80% of all hit-and-run cases were never solved between 2008 and 2012, plans to adopt a similar program.

The program in Denver is called Medina Alerts and works very much like the Amber Alert system. The program was named for a valet in Denver who was killed while on the job by a hit-and-run. The system began in 2012 and was approved for the whole state last year, making the job of Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers easier.

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The Los Angeles program will be similar to the Colorado program. All city departments will announce notifications on Twitter and Facebook, in addition to the Emergency Management Department’s texting system. The police department will notify the public on Nixle, where government agencies share information with certain subscribers and one another. Bus drivers and taxi drivers will receive notifications to look out for certain cars or drivers, and witnesses will be eligible for rewards for information that leads to an arrest of the hit-and-run perpetrator.

Compensation for hit-and-runs can be difficult depending on whether the driver is insured or not. However, from the perspective of a Denver workers’ compensation lawyer, if a driver is injured on the job due to a hit-and-run, there may be additional compensation for the victim because his or her job placed him or her in harm’s way.

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