If I am injured outside the state is my injury covered by Colorado Workers’ Compensation?

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

The Colorado law covers all injuries that occur outside the state if the worker was hired in Colorado or regularly employed in our state.  Whether someone was “hired” in Colorado has become less clear in our age of fax, emails, skype, and telecommuting.  A Judge will consider a number of facts, including where the contract was formed, place where the offer was accepted, where the employer representatives who did the hiring were located, the intention of the parties, and where the last act necessary to the meeting of the minds or to complete the contract occurs.

So it is possible to have a Colorado work injury without having been physically present in Colorado.

So long as the injury occurs within six months of leaving (or being hired) in Colorado – then Colorado Law governs the benefits an injured worker receives.

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