And what he had to say about having Michael Kaplan as his Worker’s Compensation Attorney:

I had the unfortunate circumstance of being injured at work, and the injury was such that the claim needed to be reopened and further treatment required after I had left that employer. Ironically, my current place of employment is a major insurance carrier, which is one of the top two Workers’ Compensation carriers in the United States. I attempted to navigate the process of re-opening my claim on my own, figuring that with my insurance knowledge and unlimited resources available to me at my employer, that I would have no problem at all. What I came to find out, was that even with all of those items at my disposal, I was unsuccessful in my attempts to get the involved carrier to accept responsibility and do the right thing. That is when I started asking a few friends in the Work Comp division of my company who they might recommend as an attorney.

I asked 3 different individuals, including the head of the department, who they would hire if they ever needed an attorney for a personal reason, or to recommend one for a friend. Mike Kaplan was the name I received from all 3 of those individuals.

I have been working with Mike for over 5 years now, and he has been amazing to work with. He has been extremely patient with me and my situation, all while receiving little to no compensation in return. Mike was able to get the carrier to re-open my claim, and take full responsibility for all of my care. I am pleased to say that I am finally fully recovered, and have chosen to resolve my claim. Mike does a very nice job of educating his clients on the risks and rewards of their decisions, and allows you to make educated decisions along the way. It is clear that over 5 years and 8 surgeries later, that Mike and his firm are built on a foundation of helping injured workers first, with any financial reward only coming when the client is recovered and ready for that step. My family and I are so very thankful to Mike and his firm, and I am so pleased that I chose to hire him when I needed a little help. Mike is a very determined individual and was not easily shake or deterred as we ran into a few road blocks along the way. I would recommend Mike and his firm to anyone. Thanks for helping me get my life back.