Starting March 1, 2013, all Federal benefits, including Social Security payments, went electronic. There are no more paper checks. Social Security beneficiaries here in Colorado as well as across the country will receive their payments by direct deposit or on a debit card. For any Social Security beneficiary who does not choose an option for an electronic payment, they will get a debit card. Nothing will change for current Social Security recipients who already get their benefits electronically. This change is part of the the United States Department of Treasury’s GO DIRECT program.

For beneficiaries without a bank account, they will get their benefits on these government-issued debit cards. While these Direct Express debit cards are very convenient, accessing your money isn’t necessarily free. For example, with these Direct Express debit cards, you are allowed one free ATM withdrawal per month from an ATM from a participating bank. After that, each ATM withdrawal from a participating bank is 90 cents. You can, however, go to a teller at any credit union or bank that shows the MasterCard acceptance sign and get cash with no charge. For more information and tips about using these Direct Express debit cards, go to: .

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