The Typical Course of a Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim

Aug 22, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

The usual Denver worker’s compensation claim develops this way: First, we file your claim with the Division of Worker’s Compensation and the insurance carrier is notified of the claim. They are asked to either admit or deny responsibility in the matter. If they admit, they file an Admission of Liability. It is very important that we receive all of these forms from you.

If the claim is denied, the case will be set for hearing before an Administrative Law Judge to decide if you are to receive benefits.  You have to attend all hearings unless we tell you otherwise.

Once the carrier admits a claim, you will receive medical treatment until you are at Maximum Medical Improvement (MMI).  Once you’re at MMI the doctor will determine the amount of permanent impairment and physical restrictions, if any that you have.  The doctor will make out a report and the carrier will (usually) admit for what the doctor determines.  At that point you and I will meet to discuss your options.

We typically first decide whether to challenge the doctor’s opinions that you are at MMI and the assigned permanent impairment rating he or she gave you.  To do this, we will send you to a second opinion with a doctor chosen by the state of Colorado.  We will also decide whether there are other benefits that you are entitled to that the insurance company has not paid.

At any point, you may decide to settle your claim, or just let it close naturally.  We help our client chose the route that is best for them.

It never costs anything to talk with us, and see how we can help you get the rights and benefits you deserve.  Contact an experienced Denver area workers comp attorney here or call us 303-780-7329 today to see how we can help fight for you.