Workers Compensation Case Review: Can my employer fire me for using marijuana outside of work?

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Since 2000, it has been legal to use marijuana for medicinal purposes. In 2012 Colorado recently de-criminalized recreational marijuana drug use Another law, the Colorado Lawful Activities statute, prohibit employers from firing workers for lawful off-work activity.  It has taken a while for cases to reach the courts on whether employers can fire workers for off-the-job marijuana use.

The Colorado Court of Appeals upheld the firing of a worker for his marijuana use outside of work.  The Court reasoned that the activity was still considered illegal – under Federal Law – and therefore not a protected activity under the Colorado Lawful Activities statute.

An injured worker may still be fired if his or her off-duty marijuana use if it violates the employers illegal drug policy.

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