Worksite wellness programs are a great way to preemptively sidestep some of the more horrifying workplace injuries in jobs where workers rely on their health. Despite how physically demanding a job is, our Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers certainly agree that worksite wellness programs can help to prevent work injuries. A recent study in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine shed light on how small businesses can successfully implement such a program.

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Pinnacol Assurance, an insurer for workers’ compensation in Colorado, worked with over 200 small businesses to create and run worksite wellness programs that helped workers all over the state reach and maintain levels of health earlier thought unlikely or impossible. Disability lawyers know that a healthy employee does not necessarily sidestep the possibility of work injury altogether but better health leads to fewer risks in general. If a worker is injured, it is of course preferable that worker returns to normal life as quickly as possible so as to avoid further aggravated injury and mental issues like depression or anxiety.

Greeley workers’ compensation lawyers know some emotional trauma is unavoidable but larger companies with worksite wellness programs swear happier employees in general have a lower risk of work injury. The problem was always implementing the worksite wellness idea in a smaller business model. Some small businesses are too small to even afford health insurance which, when a work injury does occur, offers its own set of technical problems in terms of employees receiving fair and just compensation for injuries sustained in the workplace. The most important thing about the Pinnacol study is, of course, that it proves such worksite programs can be implemented in a small business model.

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