Colorado Mining Injuries – Top Injuries Miners Face

Aug 22, 2014 | Personal Injury

While mining continues to be a lucrative industry that is booming with new opportunities, these gains have not come without some risk to Colorado Miners.

Many of the problems affecting miners are a result of negligence on the part of the employer.

Increased burdens in the form of taxes and regulations have made it harder for firms to prosper in the industry. As a result some of these business owners, have been less compliant with necessary regulations choosing to “cut corners” in the name of expediency. Unfortunately, the brave and hardworking miners are placed at higher risk as a result of these oversights on the part of their leadership. It is for this reason that miners must make sure that their employers are following the rules and taking every necessary precaution to ensure optimal safety. It is also imperative that miners understand the nature of the dangers they face.

Mining fatalities can account for over a quarter of work-related fatal injuries in America. This is because miners frequently must go into dangerous environments in order to do their work both above-ground and underground. When safety protocol is not followed, workers face great risks such as electrical accidents, fires, mine collapses, and explosions. Miners fortunate enough to escape injuries during their tenure still face many other dangers. Hundreds of miners fall victim to respiratory diseases that are acquired in certain mine conditions. In addition, the frequent handling of heavy and toxic materials also increases the risk of injury or sickness.

What Miners are at the greatest risk?

Studies indicate that Metal and non-metal independent contractors are the most at risk for fatal injuries from mining. In recent years they have accounted for a little more than half of fatal injuries to miners. Coming in at a close second are independent coal miners. This is largely due to the fact that coal miners come in contact with many dangerous chemicals. Employers have an obligation to inform miners of the dangers that they may face and to make sure that they make every effort to protect the safety of their workers.

What are the most common ways that miners are injured?

The most common fatal injuries sustained by miners are from falls. Because of the common interaction, miners have with unstable rock, there is a heightened risk of injury if proper precautions are not taken. The second biggest cause of fatal injuries to miners is from powered haulage such as conveyor belts and bucket elevators. Employers must make sure that the tools used by miners are both safe and fully functional.

Mining remains a vital and integral part of global trade and commerce.  It is for this reason that as demand continues to grow leading to increased activity, it has never been more important to provide a safe, clean and healthy environment in the workplace for miners. These brave men and women should not be penalized for their hard work but rewarded.  If you are a miner and feel that you have suffered injuries or have been endangered as a result of your employer’s negligence, schedule a free consultation with a Coloardo workers’ compensation attorney today. With many years of experience in workers’ compensation cases, we will hear your case and properly advise you on how to proceed.  Click here to get started.