Explaining What "Casual Relationship" Means in the Context of Your Injury

Feb 29, 2016 | Compensability, Employment Concerns

If you have suffered an injury while on the job, do not panic.  As long as you and your Denver workers’ comp lawyer can prove that there is a causal relationship between your workplace activities and your injury, your claim will likely be approved.  Let’s take a look at what the term, “causal relationship”, really means.

You do not get the benefit of the doubt at the outset of Your Colorado Workers’ Compensation Claim

Though it would be nice if employers, insurers and judges inherently trusted workers’ compensation claimants’ statements about their injuries, we do not live in such a trusting world.  There is plenty of skepticism regarding workers’ compensation claims simply for the fact that so many claimants have falsified their claims in an attempt to obtain free medical treatment, paid time off from work and indemnity payments.  The unfortunate truth is that many workers suffer injuries outside of work and claim that their workplace activities are the real cause of their pain or disability.  This is why workers’ compensation claimants do not get the benefit of the doubt when filing a claim.

Defining a Causal Relationship

The standard of proof for workers’ compensation injuries is a causal relationship.  Work with your Denver workers’ comp lawyer to build your case and you’ll have a solid shot at proving that a causal relationship really does exist between your workplace activities and your injury.  It is possible to obtain workers’ compensation benefits regardless of what you were doing while working.  You could have been sitting in your chair, walking down the hallway, lifting a box, opening a filing cabinet or simply opening a door.  As long as you were at work when the injury occurred, you will have a solid chance of filing a successful claim.

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Proving a Causal Relationship is not Something You Have to do Alone

Oftentimes, it is difficult to prove that a causal relationship between your workplace activities and your pain really exists.  Thankfully, you do not have to make the case on your own.  Ally with a savvy Denver disability attorney who will frame your argument in a manner that convinces the workers’ compensation board and judges that a causal relationship really does exist.  Your Denver disability attorney is accomplished in making this type of in-depth, convincing argument even if you think that your claim is a bit shaky.  He will zealously advocate on your behalf in an effort to connect your workplace actions to your injury.  A Denver workers’ comp attorney is trained to word arguments in a manner that will leave no doubt that your labor is the sole reason for your physical ailment.

Do not attempt to navigate this complicated legal maze on your own.  Ally with an experienced Denver workers’ comp attorney today so you can focus on recuperating and returning to work while he does his best to prove the existence of a causal relationship.