Independent Medical Exam to fight the Company Doctor

Mar 24, 2022 | Employment Concerns

Independent Medical Exam to fight the Company Doctor – A lot of times we have clients who say they went to see the company doctor, but they still feel bad, and the doctors are telling them that there’s nothing else they can do for them. They know they’re not as good as they can get, and it might be an additional treatment that they need, and the doctor gave up.

Independent Medical Exam to fight the Company Doctor

How do I fight for more care?

The way we fight for more care is by requesting a Division Independent Medical Evaluation (DIME), which is a second opinion to determine whether or not you truly do need additional care.

This is the only way injured workers can fight to get the care they deserve, and it’s very important that you get the proper doctor.  The DIME panel is a process where if you don’t know who’s who, you may end up agreeing to a doctor who’s horrible just because you didn’t know, and that’s where we come in.

What doctor will I get?

The state pulls out 3 names of doctors, we get rid of one, the insurance company gets rid of another, and whoever is left is going to be the doctor selected on your case.

With us you get the benefit of our experience, because we know these doctors, we know which ones consistently go for the insurance company, so we’re going to try to get rid of the worst doctor on the panel.

The insurance company will get rid of the best doctor that would be the patient advocate, so if there’s luck and there are two good doctors on the panel, even if the insurance company gets rid of one of the good ones, there will still be a good doctor on your case.

The importance of a good second opinion

Since the insurance company gets to choose your physician at the outset, more often than not, injured workers are the ones requesting a second opinion. In our experience, 70% to 80% of our clients who go to DIME get more treatment, higher impairment rating or both.

On the off chance that the insurance company requests a second opinion they will try to negotiate with the injured worker the second opinion doctor, and they will give you 3 of the most horrendous doctors in the system to determine whether or not you need more treatment.

A lot of people say that all doctors are the same, and that all of them are professional, but that’s not the case; an attorney can help you get a proper second opinion.

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