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Kaplan Morrell

The head of the National Football League Players Association says the league can take quick steps to help players’ health by ending its opposition to the players’ workers’ compensation cases.

Mike Kaplan met and spoke with DeMaurice Smith, the NFL Players Association’s union chief, on a couple of occasions.  He is a very passionate person and attorney.  Smith and the NFL PA have taken great strides to protect players who have suffered work-related injuries. Most recently, CNN’s Carol Costello interviewed Smith in the wake of the NFL PA funding a Harvard University-led study on player health.Although the study will take a decade, Smith and the NFL PA are doing things to make the game safer for its players.

Unfortunately, one of the elements that makes the NFL so entertaining to its fans, spectators and alike, is the same element that causes players to suffer injury – the physical impacts.  While today’s athlete is stronger, faster and smarter, the forces at play are equally greater.  The physics of the game place players’ health at risk.

The NFL PA trusts Kaplan Morrell, LLC to assist their players with navigating the complicated Colorado Workers’ Compensation system.  Understanding that the game is being made safer, the safety measures will not prevent injuries from happening.  When they do, Kaplan Morrell, LLC has pledged to do what it can to help the players get the benefits that they are entitled.