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Colorado Disability Benefits: Your Lawyer Can Help Determine Your Benefits

Once it is determined that your injury was work-related, you are eligible for certain types of benefits based upon the severity of the injury and how long it is expected to last. There are typically floors and ceilings on the weekly benefits that can be awarded. Your Denver Work Injury Lawyer can help you determine what the limit on the benefits you will receive for your work injury case are.

Temporary Partial: This refers to a work injury that still allows you to work but in a limited role or in light duty. You can receive two-thirds of the difference between your pre-injury wage and what you are being paid, if it is less than your usual pay.

Temporary Total: If your injury is serious enough that you are unable to work for a time, you can receive two-thirds of your weekly wages up to a maximum amount through the duration of your disability.

Permanent Partial: This benefit is for workers who have a permanent disability but can still work either at their job or elsewhere. You can receive two-thirds of your weekly wage, again subject to a maximum limit, for the duration of the disability. You will also receive an impairment rating or a percentage of the degree of your injury and you will receive benefits on this basis.

Permanent Total: If you are permanently disabled and cannot return to work in any capacity, you can receive medical expenses and wages, which is two-thirds of your weekly wage but limited to a maximum weekly amount, over your lifetime.

The amount of your weekly cash benefits for PTD and PPD in Colorado can be limited by any impairment rating you receive once you reach MMI, or maximum medical improvement. A physician will assign either an extremity rating, which applies to injuries to arms or legs and which amounts are based on the severity of the injury, or a “whole body” impairment rating or percentage. These injuries are compensated based on a schedule found in the state statutes. You can receive a lump sum award based on whatever rating is determined. Also, your Colorado disability benefits can be decreased by the amounts you receive from SSI, or social security disability, or from any other disability insurance. It’s important you find an experienced Colorado Disability Lawyer to help you determine the benefits you will receive.

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