NHL Players Association Colorado

Kaplan Morrell is proud to be the endorsed Colorado Attorney of The Professional Hockey Players’ Association (PHPA) for Workers Compensation Claims.

We help to represent the NHL Players Association in Colorado.

The PHPA is the certified US National Labor Relations Board collective bargaining representative for all professional hockey players within the American Hockey League (AHL), ECHL, and Central Hockey League (CHL). As the only minor league Players’ Association within a major league sport, the PHPA is one of the largest Players’ Associations within the professional sports industry, boasting approximately 1,600 Members situated across 64 teams throughout North America.

The PHPA Panel of Workers’ Compensation Attorneys has been formed by the PHPA for the benefit of its Member Players. The Panel of designated Attorneys is dedicated to providing professional and courteous legal services to injured Players in order to ensure the recovery of maximum medical and disability benefits. The Panel Attorneys have agreed to be governed by the PHPA’s Rules of Professional Conduct and will not charge a consultation fee to an injured Player. If the Panel Attorney is retained by a Player, the fee charged for services will be contingent on the recovery of benefits and will be governed by the State Workers’ Compensation laws of the State where the claim is filed.

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The PHPA’s Professional Rules of Conduct are as follows:

  1. Panel Members are required to attend the Annual Meeting of the PHPA’s Workers’ Compensation Panel of Attorneys. The purpose of the Panel Meeting is both educational and enhances the relationship between the Panel Members and the PHPA.
  2. Panel Members must keep the PHPA informed of all significant legal issues that are going to be litigated so that the PHPA can determine if its input is necessary to protect the integrity of the AHL/ECHL Standard Player Contract(s) as well as the respective Collective Bargaining Agreements.
  3. Panel Members shall, as soon as possible, notify the PHPA of any legislative developments that may adversely impact a Player’s right to compensation or the level thereof.
  4. Panel Members must expeditiously respond to inquiries from other Panel Members and provide any information being requested, that is not confidential.
  5. Panel Members must promptly respond to any calls or inquiries from Players and must treat the Player in a professional and respectful manner at all times.
  6. Any referral by one Panel Member to another must be made to the Panel Member assigned to the specific team involved. Any Panel Member who receives a call from a
  7. The player should refer that Player to the Panel Member assigned to that Player’s team.
    A Panel Member should consider and consult with other Panel Members to determine which jurisdiction would provide the Player with the maximum Workers’ Compensation benefits, and the referral should be made to that Panel Member for the benefit of the Player.
  8. Panel Members should not represent employers or insurance carriers, and if they do, they must notify the PHPA immediately so consideration can be given as to whether there are any actual conflicts or the appearance thereof from a legal, ethical, and professional standpoint.
  9. Panel Members shall not request or accept a co-counsel fee from any fellow Panel Member or pay a referral fee to any agent registered with the PHPA.

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