Can I sue my employer for my work injury?

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

Sometimes injuries happen because the employer was negligent, and when that happens workers ask us – “Can I sue my boss for injuring me?”

The short answer is…generally no.  The workers’ compensation system is designed to provide injured workers medical care, lost wages, and other benefits to compensate employees who sustain injuries on the job regardless of who is at fault. Before workers’ compensation, injured workers received no medical care or wage loss unless they could prove, in court, that the employer was negligent.  This took years to happen.  Most injuries are not anyone’s fault and those workers could not sue.

The workers’ compensation law is a compromise between employers and employees.  Employees get benefits quickly regardless of fault.  Employers have to pay for those benefits but they cannot be sued by their employees for work injuries.

There are some exceptions and if someone other than your employer caused your injury – you can sue that person for their negligence in addition to getting workers’ compensation.  You should always consult with a lawyer because your facts may different.

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