Certain Cancers Are Presumed to be Work-Related for Fire-Fighters and Other First Responders

Aug 21, 2014 | WC & Other Laws

If you are a firefighter and you were diagnosed with cancers of the brain, skin, digestive system, hematological systems, or genito-urinary system, your condition may be legally presumed to be work-related.

According to the Cancer Council, about 5,000 people are diagnosed with work-related cancer every year. Exposure to different substances are said to result in work-related cancers such as exposure to sun, radiation, asbestos, solvents, rubber, and pesticides. Firefighter may be entitled to receive reimbursements of medical expenses, lump sum amount to compensate for the condition, or weekly payments of compensation. Funeral and death benefits may also be given in case the person dies from work-related cancer.

In the case of firefighters, Colorado House Bill 2007-1008 aims to protect the firefighters who, because of the nature of their job, rarely have time to test for possible chemical and other health hazards before they rush into a burning building. According to a 2006 study conducted by the University of Cincinnati, firefighters are at risk of getting certain cancers due to the nature of their jobs. They are often exposed to carcinogens each time they go into fire.

Under this bill, a full-time firefighter who has been employed for at least five years by a municipality can claim workers’ compensation if they have developed cancers of the respiratory tract, skin, brain, bladder, thyroid, kidney, blood, prostate, testicular, or lymphatic. Again, the worker must have been employed for at least five years when the cancer was found.

If you are a firefighter who has developed cancer consult a lawyer immediately to determine whether you are entitled to compensation. Kaplan Morrell attorneys have been helping workers in Colorado with their workers’ compensation claims. We will be able to help find who is responsible for your injury and get what is due to you. Contact us here or call us at 303-780-7329 for your FREE CONSULTATION.