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Collecting Money for a Job You Aren’t Doing: One Man’s Bad Decision About Wage Benefits

A man from Colorado submitted false payroll checks to the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and was recently convicted. Charles Murray, who lives in Crested Butte, submitted pay stubs from Ohio businesses from 2011 to 2013 so he could receive wage loss benefits.

When someone is injured on the job and cannot return to work because of the severity of the injury, attorneys will submit paystubs and do a specific calculation to match wage reimbursement as closely as possible to what individuals were making before their injuries. Generally, those who are injured on the job are entitled to these funds because if they hadn’t been injured, they would be receiving the checks as a matter of course.

Charles Murray pled guilty to one count of workers’ compensation fraud, which is considered a misdemeanor of the first degree. In Columbus, Ohio, he was convicted in the Franklin County Municipal Court. Before he pled, Murray wrote a check for the total amount of money he’d taken from the workers’ compensation system plus the investigative costs against him.

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Disability attorneys do their best to help clients who were legitimately injured receive just compensation. Stories like these point out the flawed nature of some individuals who poison the pool against legitimate claims for people who truly need help. Unfortunately, sometimes all it takes is one case to change the way workers are looked at when they claim compensation for injuries.

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