Things Colorado Injured Workers Do (Without Knowing It) To Cause Insurance Companies To Deny Their Claims

Jan 23, 2015 | Claims Process

There are some facts in an alleged work related injury that will cause an insurance company to deny the claim for benefits. These are just a few things that should be kept in mind at the beginning of your claim.

1. Report The Injury Immediately

First, report the injury immediately or as soon as possible. Sometimes a worker will wait to report the injury in the hopes that he or she will get better without medical care. If you don’t get better without medical attention, then you are in the difficult position of having to prove when you were injured.

2. Report Your Health Situation to the Appropriate Personnel in the company

Second, don’t continue to work through the pain without reporting to someone at work that you are having a problem. It will be assumed that if you continued to do your job without any accommodation that you were not injured at work.

3. Report the Injury in Writing

Third, report your injury in writing and make sure you list all parts of your body that you believe may be injured. A verbal report of injury can be easily denied at a later date.

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